Why men stop texting

You were talking to a man, and at some point he stopped sending messages and now they want to know why.

Today we are going to talk about all the reasons that lead men to stop send Message and how to deal with this situation.

This is one of those questions that doesn't have just one answer, because it will depend from man to man. The answer below is the most common, but not the only one.

Why men stop texting

Mostly, men stop texting because they lost interest in the woman, or because they just wanted to use you, or because they gave up on conquering her.

Men tend to stop texting when they want something or when they've already gotten what they want.

If you were in a relationship with this man, he stopped texting means he just wanted to use you.

But if it is the case that they had no relationship, the most common cause is the loss of interest. But there could be more reasons for this.

Below we list the reasons why men usually stop sending messages, where you should analyze whether the reason fits your situation.

1. He lost interest

As we mentioned above, one of the things that make men stop texting the most is when they lose interest.

That is, he doesn't want to know about you anymore, and ends up leaving for someone else. This can happen if you didn't give him a chance or if you didn't treat him like he expected.

2. He is very busy

Some men stop texting simply because they are too busy. Also associated with the fact that he is not very communicative.

That is, he can't say he's busy, and he just stops texting. With that he can be silent for a few days.

3. he is testing

Men can stop texting simply to test what the woman will do. I mean, he stopped texting on purpose.

Maybe he wants to see if you're going to text him or if you're going to be silent too. Maybe to know if you care about him or not

4. He just wanted to use you

One of the most common reasons men stop texting is when they already got what they wanted.

That is, the only thing he wanted was to use you, and he didn't want anything serious with you. If he didn't get what he wanted, he might give up and disappear.

4. He is talking to another

Sometimes, when men meet another woman, they might start paying attention to her and stop texting you.

All the attention he gave to you, he can start giving to another woman. Many men have this behavior.

5. He is not interested in you

You could say that the man has stopped texting you because he simply has no interest in you.

With that he no longer has a conversation with you, because there is no intimacy between you two. Maybe he just acts like a friend.

6. You said something he didn't like

If a man feels offended, he can stop texting the woman. It may be the case that you have things he didn't like.

To do this, analyze your last conversations, to try to find something that he might not have liked.

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