Why do men have steady lovers

At some point in their lives, men tend to have lovers. But, why do men have steady lovers even though they have a partner.

To escape problems and difficulties, men have tended to seek solutions outside their relationship, involving themselves with other women.

Most relationships coexist with the existence of fixed lovers. Which has also been adding years of existence to the life of the man married.

Why do men have steady lovers

men have lovers because these lovers give comfort and the illusion of being the solution in the life of this man who lives with problems in his marital life.

Men have fixed mistresses because men see their mistresses as a second wife, and so she is fixed to him, being considered the other wife.

That is, men do not give it to their mistresses as simply a little casual fun. For them, it's like she was his wife, and they don't look at her as a simple lover.

That's why men treat their mistresses like their wives, giving them everything, love, affection, attention, money, houses, cars, as if she were just a second wife.

Fixed lovers are wives

A steady lover will know how to treat the man properly, as she will have plenty of time to get to know him better and know almost everything about him.

When having a steady lover, he won't have as many difficulties as having diversified lovers, in which he will always have to adopt new measures to be able to deal with her.

His lover already knows exactly what time to call, when to send messages and how to behave so that his wife doesn't find out.

Since a new lover would always have to learn these things from scratch, giving the man more work. For that reason the men prefer to have lovers fixed.

marriage problems

Most men do not know how to deal with conflict situations with their women, the solution, but viable and convenient, is to run away and find another woman.

Problems of a social, financial nature, sometimes silly things that happen during the day, create disagreements and when they are not resolved in a wise way and in time, they generate a bubble of conflicts that separate the couple.

That's why the man goes after another woman who gives him tranquility and peace to live his life and without realizing it, he lives this life for a long time.

Several relationships end for these reasons because wives often do not have the wisdom to deal with this situation and get around this evil.

lack of character

There are men who by nature have a bad character, they don't need any reason to use it as an excuse to continue life with lovers, sometimes it's not even a collection of women.

This happens due to the pathological need to show and prove to himself and to the world that he is capable of dealing with several women and having a desirable life.


As the saying goes, opportunity makes the thief, when a man realizes that he is facing a meek woman who is not controlling and pacifies, he abuses this benefit.

He uses this woman's naivety as a trigger to date other women out there and these times it can be for a long time.


Betrayal is something real and lovemaking can, yes, have a long validity period, sometimes it even lasts a lifetime, we recommend that you know your value and your rights as a wife.

But before you make any decisions about the situation, find out where your man stands in the face of everything. And try to be happy with what you decide.

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