When to start calling it love

Love is a strong word and should be used with people we have a strong bond with. To start calling someone love you need to be sure how you feel about the person.

It's not enough to be a close person or someone we've known for a long time, the word love should be used as a nickname when there really is a strong bond.

In this article, we'll tell you when it's ideal to start calling someone you're in a relationship with and how to do it without sounding false.

When to start calling it love

To start calling someone love you need to be aware and be sure about what you feel for that person and what is the importance he has in your life.

To start call it love there must be intimacy between the two people, that is, when you already feel that you are comfortable with each other.

You can start calling it love at the beginning of the relationship, after the first kisses, after the first date, or after a week of dating.

Call someone love who fills out this profile that we will detail below on when to start calling someone love, see below, and call someone love:

When there is intimacy

When you have the same feelings, it is inevitable that this feeling will flow without some names of affection and demonstrations of love.

The word of love can be used even without any planning, that is, it has to be something spontaneous, because it will be something that comes from within.

If the two feel love for each other, any moment is perfect to call each other with this affectionate nickname.

When you have a serious relationship

If you are in a relationship with someone, as time goes by, at some point you will feel the need to nickname your partner.

Calling love is an affectionate way of showing love and affection for that person. Whether he is your boyfriend, husband or even a friend.

If he deserves you to call him love, you can start calling him love to show that you already love him too.

When you feel comfortable and ready

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, if you don't feel comfortable calling someone love, you will hardly be able to do so.

But if that word has meaning about what you feel and have with someone and I call it love, it makes you comfortable, you can do it right away.


The word love can be used whenever you feel like you like someone. And that there is a need to show affection for someone.

It depends a lot on the personality of each one, that is, others start calling it love very early and others start calling it love after a while.

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