When ejaculation does not come out with pressure

You must have seen several adult videos that when they ejaculate, comes out with a lot of pressure, but in your case, when you ejaculate, it doesn't come out with pressure.

There are several mysteries and myths that must be broken, related to the male organ and how it works.

Okay, there are factors that can influence this fact, first because you can't control or measure ejaculation pressure.

When ejaculation does not come out with pressure

When you ejaculate and it doesn't come out with pressure, it means you suffer from weak ejaculation, which refers to the amount and speed of semen that is expelled at the time of orgasm.

Weak ejaculation does not influence your sexual performance, your ability to feel desire or to give pleasure.

The amount of semen and pressure is a factor that doesn't make much difference at hour H. below we will mention the reasons that can cause this low pressure.

Causes of ejaculating and not coming out with pressure

There are several causes that can influence the pressure and speed at which your semen comes out when ejaculating.

1. Alcohol consumption

Excessive or considerable alcohol consumption can influence the pressure of your ejaculate semen. If you consume, this could be one of the causes.

Reducing water consumption when it can will help you have an orgasm with the highest possible pressure.

2. Psychological problems

If you are a person who experiences a lot of stress, this could be the cause of your problem. Stress gets in the way of the arousal process.

The same is true if you have suffered from depression or trauma throughout your life, especially if it is linked to sexual trauma.

3. Low level of arousal

The more excited the man is, the more pressure he will ejaculate, which may explain your problem.

It could be that your partner isn't causing you enough excitement to get the pressure you want. Try to increase your pleasure even more.

4. Unhealthy eating

We know that food is a very important point when it comes to our health, and also influences the issue of ejaculation pressure.

Excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, such as consumption of excess fats, can reduce ejaculation pressure.

5. Lack of physical exercise

The lack of physical exercises can make you weaker, which can also contribute a lot so that the pressure does not come out when ejaculating.

Whenever possible, you have to exercise, even if it is a simple short distance run, to maintain good blood flow.

6. Aging

Aging can also contribute to a person suffering from weak ejaculation. So if you are already at a considerable age, this could be the reason.

How to treat weak ejaculation

There are some things that can help you get rid of weak ejaculation in some cases, just avoid everything mentioned above.

  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, to improve the quality of your ejaculation;
  • Avoid eating unhealthy foods, always forgetting to include vegetables in your diet;
  • Try to concentrate as much as you can while making a relationship;
  • Seconds before ejaculating, squeeze your penis, trapping your semen for a few seconds, which will cause it to be ejaculated with a lot of pressure.
  • Get some exercise whenever you can to boost your overall energy.

Conclusion when ejaculation does not come out with pressure

Sexual health is very important not only for self-esteem, but to ensure that you don't have more serious health problems.

Pressure is of little importance either in virility or fertility. But if it is a problem that worries you a lot, you can do what we recommend above to solve the situation.

If you think the situation is more serious than we can imagine, we always recommend visiting a doctor for a better diagnosis.

Source: medicalnewstoday

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