When the couple sleeps apart bible

The Bible contains several verses that guide us on how the couple should behave, and today we are going to talk about the situation of the couple who sleeps apart.

This practice of sleeping separately has become quite common these days, when couples end up sleeping in separate rooms for various reasons.

But what does the Bible say about this behavior and what would be the best way to be within what the Bible says about this subject.

When the couple sleeps apart bible

The Bible does not offer specific instructions on when the couple sleeps apart, as this practice has begun to be adopted today, which makes its analysis difficult.

But so that you don't have any answers, let's do an analysis of what the Bible says about the couple's bed to try to understand this practice.

First, we must question the reason that makes the couple sleep apart, because depending on the reason, it can be something considered negative or something considered positive.

Some couples sleep apart because they are divorced, others sleep apart because they need their own space, among other reasons.

After reading a few verses, we came to the conclusion that the Bible does not condemn the couple for sleeping separately, but condemns any kind of actions that are sinful.

That is, the fact that the couple sleeps separately does not mean that they are allowed to sleep with other people if they are still in a relationship.

The Bible also said that in the couple's bed, regardless of whether they sleep together or apart. There should always be respect for each other, stay away from any sexual immorality, show love and value to each other, and serve each other.

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these things are unbecoming of God's holy people. Ephesians 5

How to deal with this situation?

Remember that God motivates us to reconciliation in any situation. Matthew 18:15-16 calls for open and honest communication when dealing with hurts and frustrations in marriage.

In these situations where there are doubts about certain behaviors, we always recommend resorting to the power of prayers to ask the Lord for guidance.


The Bible guides us on how we should have a marriage within what God has stipulated, but the couple is also free to make their own decisions, as long as it is without violating God's laws.

We hope you enjoyed our article and that it helped you better understand what the Bible says about couples sleeping separately.

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