When the man ejaculates little what can be betrayal

Did you know that a man's ejaculation can help us find out if he has committed treason or not. Like when a man ejaculates a little.

Men's ejaculation works the same way for all of them, which can make it easier when investigating to find out if he cheated on you.

In this article we are going to talk about this scenario where you will find out if there is a possibility that your husband's ejaculation is associated with cheating.

When the man ejaculates little what can be betrayal

Let's start by understanding how a man's ejaculation process works, and then make the association of facts.

A man's first ejaculation will always be more viscous and in greater quantity. As he ejaculates, this amount decreases.

A man produces a certain amount of semen, which ends as he ejaculates (between 2 to 3 ejaculations) in a period of a few hours.

After his deposit is depleted, the body will need some time to get back to producing more semen (within 6 to 8 hours estimated time).

With that, if he had any intercourse within that period, he will not be able to ejaculate a considerable amount of semen, as the body has not yet supplied.

Soon, when the man ejaculates little, it could be a sign of his betrayal. Especially if he doesn't usually ejaculate little on other occasions.

Even if he manages to still lift his member, the amount of semen he will release will not be considerable, a sign that he has had recent relationship.

In some more serious cases, it is possible that even your husband cannot ejaculate, or that he only ejaculates small drops. This being a sign of betrayal.

Maybe he masturbated

There is a possibility that your husband or your boyfriend may have masturbated before having sex with you, causing him to ejaculate a little.

This act, like the sexual act, will cause the release of semen, causing the amount to run out in the same way.

In these cases it is necessary to carry out an investigation to try to find out if your husband had space for him to masturbate or not.


It is in situations like this, in which there is a suspicion of betrayal, it is necessary to act calmly and cautiously, because sometimes we can be too hasty.

Try to find other signs to associate with his low ejaculation, and to further investigate what is happening to him.

We have reached the end of our friend and we hope you have understood and enjoyed knowing that when a man ejaculates little, it can be treason.

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