When the man does not ejaculate what can be betrayal

Discovering a betrayal is not an easy task, as men are getting smarter, which makes it practically impossible to discover a betrayal.

But as they get smarter and more attentive. We are also perfecting our investigative techniques.

And today we're going to investigate the issue of a man not ejaculating, and whether that can be classified as a sign of cheating.

When the man does not ejaculate what can be betrayal

Let's try to start by understanding how a man's ejaculation process works, to see if we can validate this suspicion.

Man produces a amount of semen, and this amount is ejaculated, having a certain limit until it runs out. And after that it takes a few hours to refuel.

With that, after having had some sexual intercourse, and ejaculating several times (usually 2 to 3 times). He will not be able to ejaculate within a few hours (after at least 6 hours of time).

Thus, when the man does not ejaculate it can be a sign of betrayal. Because he has ejaculated before and that's why he can't ejaculate anymore.

When a man is unable to ejaculate, it is one of the signs that he had a relationship recently with another woman.

Although chances are it's a reason your man can't ejaculate. He may claim other reasons or there may be other reasons for this.

He can be very tense

When the man does not ejaculate what can be betrayal
When a man doesn't ejaculate, what could be treason Unplash Source

There is also the possibility that he will not be able to ejaculate, as he is very tense about something, which prevents him from relaxing at the moment.

When a man is stressed or very tense, he will certainly have difficulty ejaculating. And this could be the cause.

But if he is the cause of him not being able to ejaculate. He would have to come up with the reasons why he is tense, or what the problem is going on.

He masturbated before

It is also important to remember that there is a possibility that your husband may have masturbated before having sex with you, and this may be why he does not ejaculate.

However, this case is quite difficult to happen. Because the chances of him masturbating are much smaller, especially if he didn't have space and much less place to do it.

If he had been masturbating, even though he released a considerable amount of semen. He would still be able to ejaculate with you.

So, if he uses this excuse or you suspect that this has happened, we can guarantee with the utmost certainty that this is not the reason.


In these situations it is necessary to be very cautious, because sometimes we can jump to conclusions without any real reason.

But as you start to pick up certain signs of betrayal, you have to start being alert in order to find the right moment.

We've reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood if a man doesn't ejaculate, which could be cheating.

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