When a man loses his desire for his wife

There are factors that can influence a man to lose desire by the wife, and you, as a woman, need to know what they are and how to deal with them.

Successful marriages go through several stages of updates, which aim to improve negative aspects in them.

These aspects are usually linked to the couple's sex life and intimacy. Let's help you reverse this situation in your love life.

When a man loses his desire for his wife

First of all, you need to know and identify what are the reasons that lead a man to lose his desire for you, in order to find solutions.

O man loses the desire for his wife when he has a mistress, when he appreciates other women, when he gets into a rut or when you get careless.

The psychology of the male mind is to satisfy its needs. So if your husband no longer feels desire for you, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you anymore.

It is important to remember that love and desire can go together, but they are not the same thing, as we can feel desire and not feel love and vice versa.

1. He might have a mistress

When men get involved in extramarital relationships, the main consequence they bring to their marriages is the loss of feelings and desires for their wives.

It is very common for men to have lovers having no interest or desire for their women, it is for a simple matter, they feel delighted and satisfied out there.

Things to Do: try to win your husband back, walk love, care and attention to him in every possible way. To fill that mistress gap.

2. He appreciates other women

Long years of marriage and taking care of the family make wives neglect themselves to take care of the home and children more.

In turn, their husbands come to appreciate women who are free and without any responsibility, outside their marriage, on social networks and at social gatherings.

He may not have a mistress, but he may be enjoying other women. And so his desire for you is being affected.

Things to Do: pay attention to the way you dress and the way you present yourself to see if there isn't something that can be improved.

3. Your husband fell into a routine

Everyday life and coexistence make the cycle and things seem so dull. The man stops seeing beauty in the little things his woman does for him.

Routine not only makes you lose desire, but also the emotions and magic of marriage and this relationship.

Things to Do: Try to create a rapprochement between you and your husband, promoting meetings, or going out to dinner, or moments of intimacy for the couple.

4. You got careless

The lack of care for the skin, the body and even the mind makes the wives have low self-esteem, and their jaws drop.

Maybe your husband's fault for not feeling desire for you anymore is yours for being careless, not taking care of yourself more.

Maybe he looks at you and doesn't see something new or something different that might keep him wanting you. It's always the same things and it gets tired.

Things to Do: take care of your appearance, trying to change your look and the way you dress, so that he sees you as a more up-to-date woman.

5. Your husband no longer loves you

When a man loses his desire for his wife
When a man loses his desire for his wife Unplash

These may be the hardest words to hear but there may be this possibility that your husband doesn't love you anymore.

Unfortunately, we cannot rule out this option, as the lack of love can also cause a lack of desire on the part of your husband.

Things to Do: if you are still together it means that there is still a possibility to save your marriage, try to talk to him to work things out.


It's not satisfying for anyone to know that your husband doesn't want you anymore, because that ends any woman's happiness.

To your satisfaction, know that there is a lot you can do to reverse the situation and change this scenario, and make your man interested again.

Take into account all the tips we leave you to help you reverse this situation and be patient and dedicated in your fight.

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