When a married man leaves his wife for his mistress

Many marriages are plagued by cheating, this happens for many reasons. Knowing when a married man leaves his wife for his mistress is a question for all women.

Mistresses use all sorts of tricks to get the man of other women. And that many times in the middle of that journey they don't know when that man will do it.

For a man to let go of the woman he married and decided to share his life is very complicated, it's not impossible, but it rarely happens.

When a married man leaves his wife for his mistress

Um man married leaves his wife for his mistress when he suffers some kind of disappointment that he cannot overcome or for some of the reasons that we will discuss throughout this article.

The answer to this question is not linear, as there are several motivations that a man may have to leave his wife and join a lover.

See below the reasons why a married man leaves his wife by the mistress:

He seeks sexual performance

It's no secret that this is a very strong requirement that men consider in a woman. Wives, in turn, when they see themselves married, make less effort to please their partners sexually.

On the other hand, mistresses are full-time trying to prove to married men that they are better in many ways than their wives, mainly in that regard.

However, when seeing whether in this situation the man is in a dilemma and even if unconsciously. He makes his choice and gets closer to the one that best satisfies him sexually.

he seeks attention

Just like love, attention is a great foundation for couples, women who are already married.

Due to the day-to-day routine or lack of attention, at some point they forget to give due attention to their partners.

And as always, lovers are there like angels in a man's life, giving him attention like a baby.

This creates the illusion in the man that only the mistress cares about him and makes them decide to stay with them and leave their wives.

He seeks tranquility

The woman, when she finds out about the existence of a mistress, does a bit of everything to take her peace with investigations.

And conspiracies to unmask him, the house that should be for them to live happily ever after becomes a battlefield.

Having arrived at this level, all one wants is to be able to sit down and live free of confusion and problems, but he can no longer have that at home.

He once again has a good reason to leave his wife and go stay with his mistress.

He seeks dedication

When we get married, everything we do revolves around our well-being and that of our partner. And many times these actions wear us down and there comes a stage where there is no longer any willpower to do something.

Hence, the couple gradually becomes less committed to each other, and the man only feels dedication in the relationship with his lover.

he looks for feelings

The feelings that unite a couple are the fuel of any relationship. Many times these feelings wear out over time and make themselves feel less and less.

The need arises on the part of the man to live or feel something for another person that he is not. But his wife and that feeling grows to the point where he thinks that only with his lover can he be happy.


These aspects are among the most common reasons why men leave their wives to have adventures with other women.

And many times these adventures end and completely destroy your marriage. And as much as he changes his partner, while the man does not have the wisdom to solve his problems, he will pass from woman to woman.

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