When a man says you're mine

There are certain things that men say, that we don't know what these words really mean, and what he's trying to say with it.

One of those words that can get us all confused is when he says “you are mine”, and we don't know what he means by those words.

Fortunately, in this article you'll find out what he means when he says those words to you, and how to act in the face of this situation of hearing that from him.

When a man says you're mine

Both men and women use this phrase. Women usually say “I'm all yours”, and in both cases they show interest.

When a man says you're mine, he means that he likes you, and that he considers you his, that is, his woman, the woman he wants.

These words are considered romantic words, and equate to him saying “I love you” and “I want you. So don't be afraid of these words spoken by him.

When the man you love says “you are mine”, it can cause you conflict, not knowing how to deal with it.

Whether as a compliment or as a reminder of power and control over you, there will be people who like it and others who don't like the expression at all.

That “you are mine” can also mean that he is happy to be with you and that you are by his side sharing experiences and moments, this fills him with happiness and pride.

But when he is possessive, jealous, then he may be saying that to make it clear that you are his property. You can talk to him to make it clear that you are free and that no one owns you.

But if the guy who said that isn't your boyfriend, then it might have a different meaning.

when he is your boyfriend

If the man who said you are mine is your boyfriend, the meaning of these words becomes positive.

It's his way of saying how important you are to him, and how he wants you to be by his side.

In this case, don't worry, because this is something very positive, with good intentions on his part.

When he's not your boyfriend

However, if this guy is not your boyfriend, then the story can change completely, making everything turn upside down.

When a man who has no relationship with you says you are mine, it means he is in love with you and wants to be with you.

But he should say it kindly, not aggressively, because then it would be very wrong for him to say such a thing.


Usually when a man says this it's with good intentions, but in some cases it can come across as something negative.

In any event, always make your intentions clear to him. In case it's something you don't like to hear.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope that you have understood and enjoyed knowing the meaning of when a man says you are mine.

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