When a man makes love looking you in the eye

When we're making love to a man, there are some things he does that can sometimes make us wonder.

One of those situations that create many doubts among women is when a man makes love looking into her eyes.

Today we are going to talk about this behavior of men and find a reason for him to look you in the eyes while you make love.

When a man makes love looking you in the eye

For a woman, making love while a man looks into her eyes can be awkward or uncomfortable. Or maybe you're just curious to know why.

But there's no need to be surprised or afraid that he's looking you in the eye, because that's a good thing and below you'll understand why.

When a man makes love looking into the eyes that it means he's enjoying the moment and he wants to see you raving about him too.

Another prayer for a man to look you in the eye while making love is because he loves you so much. And looking into your eyes during such a pleasurable moment is good for him.

Unlike women, who most of the time tend to close their eyes or look to the side, to avoid looking into the man's eyes out of shyness.

For some men, it's normal for him to look into the woman's eyes during the act to be able to have greater excitement. That is, seeing you moan will give him more pleasure.

The man who looks you in the eye while making love does it so he can see your face of pleasure and increase his pleasure in seeing you raving about him.

That is, seeing you moan will make him feel more pleasure, which makes this act of him looking you in the eyes completely normal.


Men when they are inside you, feel many things, many of which are linked to pleasure.

Most men tend to be shy, which makes him not look directly at the woman during the act. But some men, as we said, are naughty.

When he looks you in the eyes during the act, if it doesn't bother you or you're not shy, you can look directly at him too.

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