When a man sends heart ❤️

The heart emoji is one of the most used emojis in the world today, being the icon that represents love.

Men, like women, use their hearts a lot during conversations, each with a different context.

Today we are going to discover understand what it means when a man sends a heart emoji to a woman.

when a man sends heart

It doesn't matter that he sent the heart on WhatsApp, by message, on Facebook, or on any other social network.

The meaning of him sending the heart will always be the same, no matter which platform he sends the heart on.

when a man sends heart it means he likes you, as the heart represents love.

The act of sending a heart to someone demonstrates that we have a certain affection and affection for the person.

But when he sends you a heart, it doesn't automatically mean he's in love with you or that he loves you.

It will depend on the context of the conversation and what you were already talking about. Then we must analyze the context of the conversation.

Send a romantic message + heart

If he sends you a romantic message and adds a heart. It means that he is in love or that he loves you.

Examples: You are very special ❤️; I enjoyed seeing you yesterday ❤️; You are very beautiful ❤️.

In the examples above where he adds something cute or something romantic, it indicates that he loves you or has feelings for you.

Just send the heart

Mom if he just sends his heart without any message that means he is flirting with you.

That is, he wants to see what your reaction will be after he shows interest in you. He simply sends the message and nothing else.

In case you like him, you can distribute by sending him another heart or simply ignore his message.

Send normal message + heart

If he sends you a normal message and adds a heart, it could be that he's just being considerate and respectful of you.

Examples: Hope you get the scholarship ❤️; Everything will be fine ❤️; Good evening .

In these cases see Gluttony from the messages above, he is just showing respect and may not mean he is into you.

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