When a man misses what he does

Men are known to have a heart of stone, but know that they also miss you to the point of not knowing what to do.

Let's list all the things the man will do when he misses you. But remember that even if he doesn't, it's possible that he misses you and is just hiding it.

Today we're going to get inside a man's head to find out what he does when nostalgia starts to torment him.

When a man misses what he does

When a man is homesick, depending on his pride, he will do something to resolve the homesickness issue.

But what he will do will depend a lot on his own personality, as each man can act in a different way.

Below we list a series of things that men do when they are homesick. Some are easier to understand than others.

1. He texts

The first thing the man who misses talking about is sending a message. No matter the content of the message, he will always send you a message.

In this matter, it will also depend on his pride, because, as much as he misses you, he can hold back from sending you a message.

2. He calls you

If he doesn't text you, chances are he might call you. The simple fact that he calls you already indicates that he remembered you.

Depending on the proud of him, it might be a little tricky for him to call you, but in case he can't hold back his pride, he will call you.

3. He's in your networks

When a man is missing you, he will want to see what you are up to, so he can search your social media.

You may notice that it will open all your statuses, your Facebook Stories or your Instagram Stories.

This behavior could indicate that he misses you. So check if he is not on your social media or not.

4. He is now online a lot

As we already mentioned above, he might want to see things about you using your social media. And with that he will be very online.

If he is not a person who has this habit, if he starts now, it may indicate that he is monitoring you.

5. He asks to see you

When nostalgia hits a man, it's normal for him to ask to see you, even claiming it's just to talk.

Sometimes he can come up with a silly excuse to justify the fact that he sees you.

6. He will look for you

When missing him becomes manageable, one of the things he does is simply look for you in person.

He can go to your home, your school or even your workplace. To try to talk to you.

7. He posts depressing stuff

When we are sad, both men and women often post phrases with a depressing tone on their social networks.

If he misses you, he may start posting states related to sadness or the fact that he misses something.

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