When a man calls you life

Men sometimes call us some names that we don't understand their meanings and we wonder what he meant by calling us life.

It doesn't matter if it was by call the commas by message, or if it was in person, we will give you a meaning of a man calling you life.

Don't worry, because in this article we are going to answer this and two others that you may have in relation to this subject.

When a man calls you life


Let's start by telling you that when a man calls you of life, he is praising you in a positive way.

When a man calls you life it means that you are very important to him, that is, you are an important person in his life.

After he calls you life, you can feel like a woman very loved by that man, because that's pretty sweet.

“Vida” is an affectionate nickname given to someone very important in our lives.🇧🇷 Someone who makes a lot of difference in our lives.

If it is the case that this man who called you life being his boyfriend, calling you life means you are important to him as well as his life.

This sentence is a true demonstration of his love for you, and then me calling you life compares to saying I love you.

Calling a woman life is a very romantic act, which many men use to call the women they love.

The moment he calls you by that name, you can call him by the name you usually use, or you can also reciprocate and call him life.

But if it is the case of man who called you of life, not being your boyfriend means he is interested in you.

Calling a woman life, other than his girlfriend, is a demonstration that the man is very much in love with this woman.

By calling you his life, he wants to show that he cares a lot about you, that is, what an important woman in his life is.


Young men often call women; mine, my life, life, cat, kitten, love, baby, baby, queen, among other names, such as cute nicknames.

Now you know what it means when a man calls you life. By calling you by this cute nickname, he demonstrates the love he feels for you.

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