When a man looks at you and disguises you

Men can be easy to understand in some situations, but in others, they are true enigmas, which leave us with several doubts in our minds.

One of those situations where a man it can leave us with doubts, it's when he looks at us, but he tries to disguise that he's looking at us.

This behavior is quite common among men, and in this article you will find out the reasons why men adopt this curious behavior.

When a man looks at you and disguises you

When a man looks at you and hides it means that he liked you, or that he thought you were very beautiful, and is appreciating you, but he can be shy, which makes the man look away.

Not all men can face a woman, others out of shyness, or fear, may end up looking surreptitiously at a woman he liked.

Imagine you saw the man you liked, your first reaction will be to look at him, but you don't want him to notice that you're falling for him.

The situation is the same for this case, he likes you, but wants to be discreet, not to make it so obvious that he is drooling over you.

He might be wondering if it would be a good idea to approach, or try to get your attention to talk to him.

In case you liked him, you can look back, so that he feels that you are feeling the same as him.

Other reasons for a man to look at you and hide

In fact, there could be other reasons why a man might look at you. Below, I'll mention a number of reasons why a guy might look at you and look away.

He thinks you are looking at him

The reason why he always looks at you and hides it could be because he thinks you are looking at him.

If he thinks you're looking at him, he might also feel shy and look away from you.

He does it naturally

Some people have the habit of looking at other people a lot and for no reason, they do it completely naturally.

It could be eye-consciousness, since by the time you look at him he has finished looking in your direction, giving the impression that he is disguising his gaze.

He finds you interesting

Maybe he finds something interesting about you, like your appearance, or the clothes you wore, and that's why he looks at you and disguises you.

It could be that he's looking at your ass, or your cleavage. These things also attract the attention of men.

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