How many times can a man take in a day

So much men how women have wondered at some point how many times a man can take it in a day and what the average of others.

This type of question is for the man to know if he is within what is considered normal or if he is perhaps weaker.

Today we are going to answer one of those questions about how many times he can handle it and clear all your doubts regarding this matter.

How many times can a man take in a day

There is no single number of times a man can endure in a day, as it will depend on several factors, differing for each one.

Issues related to a man's health, his diet, his daily habits, physical exercises will all have a bearing on the number of times he can withstand.

In general, few men last until 5 times in one day, and the vast majority of men can handle up to 2 times a day.

That is, the men who endure up to 5 times in a day are in a very small number. Being considered a privilege to reach this number for few.

But, the vast majority of men tend to endure up to a maximum of 2 times in a day. Most are older men.

Young people tend to ejaculate much more often, as they still have plenty of energy to spend. Since the vast majority of young people can ejaculate 4 times and some up to 5 times.

Is holding on more often important?

Some men associate holding out more often with being stronger or better at sex.

But there is a catch. For the fact that the man ejaculates more often does not mean that he took longer or that he will satisfy the woman better.

Because some men ejaculate many times, but they last a short time in each session. Where some hold a little sometimes but take longer.

Let's assume that one man holds 30 minutes once and the other ejaculates every 10 minutes, holding twice. The second man will have held out twice for 20 minutes.

But if we are going to make a comparison, we can see that the first one lasted only once, but had a considerable time compared to the second one.

What happens if you ejaculate a lot?

As mentioned above, each man has his own physical capabilities, some can take more and some can take less.

If the man ejaculates a lot, and maybe five times in one day, nothing is going to happen to this man.

Ejaculation is self-limiting, that is, it will reach a level where the man himself will no longer be able to continue, even if he tries, he will no longer be able to.

Since waiting for the normal process of replenishing your body and your spent semen during the process.

Is it normal to take it only once?

There is a portion of men who cannot pass or endure more than once in a day, and this could be your case.

It doesn't mean that you are weaker compared to others. The light lasts up to five times, but each session takes less time.

That is, you can only take it one more time if a session is complete enough for you and your partner's satisfaction.


For men who are in good physical health and eat healthily, they are more likely to hold out more often than men who don't.

It doesn't really matter your age, having a healthy life, it's possible to endure much more and even pass the vast majority of men who don't pass 2 times.

We've reached the end of our article and we hope you enjoyed knowing how many times a man can handle in a day in our guide.

Source: Healthline

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