How many times does a 50 year old man ejaculate

Reaching 50 years of age is a great milestone for any man, as it is an age in which a lot of knowledge has been acquired and a lot has been experienced.

It's normal to reach that age and have some doubts about issues related to sexuality, to know if it's within normal parameters.

Of course, with age, many things that we get to do more often and more often when young, end up decreasing with age.

How many times does a 50 year old man ejaculate

There is no single answer to this type of question, as it depends on several factors, such as the person's health, the person's lifestyle and other issues.

A 50 year old man can ejaculate in average 2 times a day. Since the vast majority just can ejaculate only once a day.

Studies today indicate that most of men 50 years old manages to ejaculate twice. But that's only for a small amount of men.

For men who had healthier lifestyles when they were younger, they will be able to ejaculate more often compared to men who had negative habits.

Men who have a diet or who do not practice any type of exercise will be able to ejaculate a few times when they get older.

How many times a day does a 50 year old man ejaculate?

Several studies carried out with men over 50 years of age have concluded that the vast majority manage to ejaculate up to a maximum of twice a day.

If you manage to ejaculate more than twice, know that your health is still up to date. For a large percentage of men cannot keep more than two.

How many times a week does a 50 year old man ejaculate

With advanced age and health problems, many men are unable to have a very frequent sex life.

Most men say they ejaculate an average of 3 times a week. For sexual activity is reduced by the high level of tiredness.

How to ejaculate more at age 50?

If you think your ejaculation frequency at age 50 is low Or you think your husband ejaculates too little for you.

There are a few things you can do to try to help resolve or alleviate the low attendance situation.

  • Have a healthy diet, having a balanced diet among nutrient-rich vegetables.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol or unnatural drinks.
  • Avoid high levels of stress try to keep us always relaxed.
  • Practice some physical exercise, such as small daily runs.
  • Avoid taking medications that are unnecessary.

With these tips you can increase the frequency with which you are able to ejaculate in your 50s.


It is always good to take care of our health so that as we grow, the effects of age are not so heavy for us in the future.

Have healthy eating habits and avoid the consumption of unhealthy foods and alcohol intake, always opting for good health.

We have reached the end of this article and we hope you enjoyed it and understood how many times a 50 year old man can ejaculate.

Source: Pubmed

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