How many cm is considered large

Many men, always have this doubt, that their cm is considered big or not. But today you will find out the answer.

This subject is quite controversial, and much is discussed about the ideal size of a man's little friend.

Despite speculations, science has an exact answer on this matter. Since all over the world this standard is used to determine the ideal size.

How many cm is considered large

Whether size matters or not in the right time, this will depend on the choice and tastes of each woman. But speaking of size, that's another matter.

From 18 cm is considered big, and above 13 cm is considered normal, and below that, it is considered small.

In many countries, being over 18 cm can qualify you as gifted, meaning it is considered too big. Since the world average is 13 cm.

  • Considered Large: more than 18 cm
  • Considered Normal: more than 13 cm
  • Considered Small: less than 12 cm

Even if your cell phone friend doesn't reach this size, it's 18 cm, but being close to that, between 16 and 17 with, he can already be considered as big.

Average cm in each country

The average of each country does not dictate that everyone in that country will be that size. But that most men tend to be this size.

  • Brazil: 15,10 cm
  • United States of America: 13,58 cm
  • Spain: 13cm

We already did an old one, talking about the average size of the male organ in Brazil.

The countries with the highest average cm:

These countries below have sizes that are considered medium, and that in most countries can be considered large.

  • Congo with an average of: 17,93 cm.
  • Ecuador with an average of: 17,77 cm.
  • Ghana with an average of: 17,31 cm.
  • Venezuela and Colombia with an average of: 17,03 cm.
  • Lebanon with an average of: 16,82 cm.

Countries with the smallest cm average:

Below we list the countries that have the smallest sizes in the entire world. So you can have an idea of ​​the size considered smaller.

  • North Korea and South Korea with an average of: 9,66 cm.
  • Thailand with an average of: 10,16 cm.
  • India with an average of: 10,24 cm.
  • Burma with an average of: 10,7 cm.

Does cm size matter? 

As we said above, size will matter from person to person, that is, this is a matter of tastes and not a pattern.

A large study showed that women care about the size of the male organ, worrying more about pleasure.

Some women may prefer the bigger ones. And others feel uncomfortable, staying with men who have large documents.


It is important to remember that the size changes from region to region. That is, the size that can be considered large in your country.

May not be considered in another country. That's why it's important to take this point into account, to know how many cm is considered big.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you have enjoyed knowing how many centimeters are considered large in each country.

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