break mirror spiritual meaning

Many people might think that break mirror is something normal and without any meaning, but in the spiritual world almost everything has a meaning.

The spiritual world always sends us some alerts, messages, warnings or signs, in an indirect way, so that we can guide our lives along the right path.

Today we are going to talk about the meaning of this phenomenon and describe what it represents in your life and what you should do after it happens.

break mirror spiritual meaning

It has often been said that breaking a glass represents 7 years of bad luck. But this is just a myth and has no connection with the spirit world.

Breaking a Mirror in the Spirit World it means that bad vibes, evil spirits, bad energies, evil beings or bad luck are close to you.

This scenario indicates or brings us the message that you need to clear that negative energy in your life and around you.

The mirror will only break when something abnormal is nearby. Indicating the presence of something in common that does not carry good energy.

If you break the mirror indoors, it could mean that there are bad vibes in your home, which means that there are evil spirits trying to inhabit your home.

But if it is outside the house, but in an open place, it may indicate that these evil spirits are with you. Or with a person who is close to you at that moment.

After breaking the mirror, you need to do a spiritual cleansing, moving away from everything negative. This phenomenon is a spiritual omen that indicates the presence of abnormal activity in your life.

What to do after breaking a mirror?

Now that you know if breaking the mirror here is connected to negative things or energies, now we need to know how to deal with this situation.

Analyze how your life is going, and you have to get away from everything that is negative for your life. This includes moving away from some people, some places, and some belongings that you no longer need.

At first this can help ward off these evil beings, but it would also be a great idea to enlist the help of strong prayers to ward off evil from your life or your home.


You may have already noticed that in many movies, the mirror is always used as a gateway for evil beings, coming from other dimensions.

Which no longer indicates that the mirror itself carries a very great importance in the spiritual world, and that the fact that it breaks cannot be ignored at all.

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