break glass spiritual meaning

Know that glass has a very large symbology in the spiritual world, having the meaning that it can unravel hidden mysteries, such as breaking glass.

Glass allows us to better understand and even see the world around us, whether through a window, a mirror or a pair of glasses.

In dreams, glass represents our feelings in the spiritual world, whether break a glass glass, a bottle, a window, everything has a spiritual meaning.

break glass spiritual meaning

Breaking a glass in the spiritual world means that we are breaking a pain that was kept inside us, for a long time and that we are now free of that pain that was in our heart.

It may be that we haven't overcome someone's death, loss or defeat in something, and when the glass breaks, we break this cycle and accept to move on.

Many associate breaking glass with bad luck, but unlike a mirror, pure glass has no negative connotations.

The breaking or seeing of many objects of broken glass as a sign of guidance for our life. This suggests that you accept the fact that you have lost someone or something and move on.

It's not easy to accept any loss, so it's okay to feel depressed and unmotivated. However, these broken glass objects say you can't do anything about what was made. Just go through it.

Also, seeing broken glass often indicates disconnection, broken relationships, isolation and disappointments, or something like that.

Other meanings of breaking glass in the spirit world

Spiritual meaning of broken glasses

The symbolism and spiritual meaning behind broken glasses is actually similar to the meaning of broken glass in the spirit world.

However, the meaning of this is reversed. So where broken glass represents secrets being revealed, the breaking of your glasses is an omen that a period of obstruction may be coming your way.

So things that were clear and obvious, especially true, in the past may be harder to focus on in the future. So you should try to follow a better path for your life.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about broken glass 

Analyzing the meaning of a dream is very personal and sometimes it can be different for each situation.

The meaning of dreaming about broken glass, psychologically speaking, will really depend a lot on how you feel about broken glass at the time it happens.

If you hate broken glass and have a phobia of cutting your hands or feet on dangerous shards of glass, dreaming of broken glass would be a real nightmare.

Dreaming of broken glass and waking up very scared means that a dream of yours has died, it could be the dream of graduating, having a child, among others.

But if you dream about broken glass and wake up without any fear, it could mean that you are becoming a better person than you were before. A new image of you is with you.

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