We restrict certain activities to protect our community

Instagram has rules within your community and those who do not comply will receive the error “We restrict certain activities to protect our community”.

These rules are to prevent people from doing whatever they want on Instagram, and to keep other users safe.

That's why Instagram blocks people who commit some irregularity or who don't follow the rules.

Why am I seeing the “Action blocked” error on Instagram?

This message appears in situations where you have committed some irregularity on the platform, leading instagram to restrict some activities on your account.

  • If you follow or unfollow many people in a short time;
  • If you like a lot of posts in a short time
  • If you comment a lot soon
  • Your account is being used by a bot
  • If instagram thinks you're doing something wrong

There are several reasons for receiving this notice on your account. But in this article, you will have the solution to that problem.

We restrict certain activities to protect our community

After receiving this notice, there are certain activities that Instagram may prohibit you from performing on the platform;

  • You will not be able to like any post
  • You will not be able to comment on any posts
  • You will not be able to follow or unfollow any account

If you insist on doing one of these things, your account will be blocked for a longer period of time. So be patient and wait for the punishment to pass.

In most cases, this notice of restriction of certain activities will disappear within 24 to 48 hours. But you can ask instagram to release your account sooner.

If you received the above notice, you must stop all Instagram activities for 24-48 hours. You need to give your account a break.

That is, don't like anything, comment or follow anyone on Instagram. Take a break from Instagram, just look at photos and videos.

But if you haven't done anything wrong, you can take some steps to resolve this mistake.

1. Tell Instagram to unlock your account

Upon receiving notice of "Blocked action” on Instagram, you can make a request to Instagram to unlock your account.

In this method, you will be verified by Instagram and if Instagram can verify your identity, they will unlock your account.

  1. Click in "Warn"  when the warning “Action blocked” is displayed.
  2. Fill in the security information requested by Instagram through your registered email address.
  3. Share your photo for verification when prompted.
  4. Instagram will unlock your account after completing verification.

2. Notify the Instagram Support Team.

You can write a message explaining your problem to the instagram support team.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon menu;
  2. Then select “Definitions";
  3. Click on the “Help".
  4. Then click on “Report a problem". From the available options, select “Report problem without waving".
  5. Continue, and now you will need to fill in the form with a request to unlock your Instagram account and provide information that you are a real person.
  6. Finally, when you're done, click Submit.

The instagram team will evaluate your complaint and provide you with the necessary support. Once you regain access to your Instagram account, you can follow the rules to prevent these mistakes from happening in the future.

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