If the fetus is dead, the belly keeps growing

Pregnancy is an exciting phase for parents, with it comes many doubts, if the fetus is dead, does the belly continue to grow?

This type of question is common, especially for first-time mothers, each situation generates fear, anguish and many doubts.

The growth of the fetus is directly linked to the growth of the belly if the fetus stops growing the belly too, but there are some points to take into consideration.

If the fetus is dead, the belly keeps growing

Clearly if the fetus is dead in the belly it will not continue to grow, pregnancy complications are problems that appear only during pregnancy.

No, if the fetus is dead, the belly will not continue growing, as the fetus will stop developing and growing. The belly grows because the fetus is also growing, without it, the belly does not grow.

They can affect the woman, the fetus, or both, and they occur at different times during pregnancy. However, most pregnancy complications can be treated successfully.

But the death of a fetus in the womb can cause this to happen again in subsequent pregnancies. Below are some of the symptoms of a dead fetus in the belly:

1. Absence of fetal movements

When the pregnancy is already a little advanced, it is possible to follow some movements of the fetus in the mother's uterus when it is alive. They are some natural stimuli that show their development.

However, when this event no longer occurs, it is possible that the cause is the death of the fetus or some serious anomaly.

2. The uterus does not grow

The uterus will show changes depending on the growth of the fetus, it presents the shape referring to the current size of the fetus.

When he becomes static and stops showing evolution, it is a sign that the fetus has also stopped developing.

Pregnancy is not static, each period it develops and no matter how small the changes are, it never stays the same.

3. Severe abdominal pain

Pains and contractions are not common in this process, whenever you feel that this common discomfort. Or if you feel pain in the abdominal area, go directly to the hospital, as your baby's life may be at risk.

This symptom is of fetal loss, so the sooner it is diagnosed, the more chances you have to do something for your baby.

4. Vaginal bleeding

Secretions and sacraments may occur at some point, but blood during pregnancy is a red flag regarding the health of the fetus.

Represents an anomaly with regard to the health and development of this fetus.


most women do not want to know whether or not to worry given some of these situations above. We want to warn you that it is important to be vigilant and check any of these situations to avoid the worst.

And know that there are women, with less apparent fetal development and that the belly follows a different growth rate, it is necessary not to be alarmed in these situations.

Source: assisted reproduction

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