What it means when a man calls you kitten

Men have habits and customs that can confuse women, who don't understand what certain gestures mean.

One of these customs is when a man call you kitten, but fortunately in this article we are going to unravel this mystery.

Today you will know what it means when he calls you kitten and what to answer when he calls you kitten.

What it means when a man calls you kitten

The expression "cat" means that the guy liked you and thought you were a beautiful woman, because you are a babe, a form of compliment to a woman.

When a man calls you a kitten it means that you are a very beautiful woman, with a nice body, which he liked, thus being a compliment to your beauty.

Men use the expression “baby” as a way to compliment a woman on her good looks. They just call pretty women kitty.

How to respond when someone calls you a cat

When someone calls you a kitten, you can respond by saying "thank you for the compliment, you are also very cute"or just say"thank you".

You can also reply “Thanks darling, you are very cute too” and a compliment coming from a kitty makes me so happy”

You can reply with a smile on your face, if it's in person, or with a heart emoji if it's via message.

As we already mentioned, being called a hottie is a compliment that men use, so you can respond as a compliment, just like him saying "You're pretty"

What does it mean to be called a kitten?

Being called a kitten means that you are a beautiful woman, a true cat, that is, your beauty makes you a kitten.

As we mentioned above, being called a kitten means that you are a beautiful woman, or that you are hot, with a beautiful body and face.

When a man calls you babe or babe, he is saying how beautiful and slender you are, he is telling you that he likes you.

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