Meaning of breaking glass in spiritism

Some things may seem simple, and that they don't mean anything, but in the spiritual world, they can carry great meaning.

We can cite the case of breaking a glass, which may seem a harmless act, or something simple to happen to anyone.

But know, that break glass it has a very strong spiritual meaning, which can reveal great secrets about a person's life.

Breaking a glass represents trust and breaking it represents the breaking of a bond of trust that we deposit or was deposited in us by someone.

Meaning of breaking glass in spiritism

Breaking a glass in spiritism means that someone we trust a lot has broken or will break our trust, either because of a secret we confide in the person or something they told someone else related to our secrets.

This dream warns us that our most secret secrets entrusted to someone else are at risk and that we should be more careful with whom we share our secrets.

That's why they say trust is like glass, once it's broken, it can't be fixed.

The glass helps us when it comes to drinking water, or another liquid, this help that the glass performs is represented by the person who is there to help us when we need it.

And by breaking the glass, it represents that the person who is there to help us has broken our trust, and depending on how severe the fall was, it can have a different meaning.

If the glass broke into a few pieces, it means that the person betrayed us, but lightly, but if it broke into a thousand pieces, it means that the person did something very serious.

This dream sees you alert not to blindly trust people anymore, because someone close to you has broken the trust you gave them.

Meaning of the glass breaking alone in spiritism

But it can happen that the glass breaks by itself, without you dropping it. In that case the spiritual meaning of this scenario changes completely.

When the glass breaks by itself, it means that you have broken the trust of someone who trusted you.

You may have told someone else something about someone else, even if it didn't seem to be something very important.

And again, if the glass broke into small pieces, it means you did something wrong, but not very serious, but in case the glass broke into several pieces, your mistake was serious.

Spiritism takes trust very seriously, and this scenario warns us that we must start to respect private things and the trust given to us by people.

Dreaming about breaking a glass in spiritism

Dreaming of breaking a glass has the same meaning as mentioned above. The only difference is that this takes place in the dream.

It may be that you don't stay close to a glass cup so that spiritism can send you that message.

So he turns to your dreams to bring you the message of what is happening in the real world. Do not ignore this dream.

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