Meaning of eyebrow scratching then and now

Making an eyebrow line has become a fashion and male trend, and we are not talking about young people from tiktok. The fashion has already been used by Neymar, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) among other celebrities.

The fashion is quite simple, including just a line on the eyebrow, which is sometimes combined with a haircut, with the line continued.

But where did this practice come from? And has it started now or is it an old fashioned way? Find out everything about this subject in this article.

What does eyebrow scratch mean?

Some cut the line on the right eyebrow and others on the left. Others do just one risk and other people end up doing two or even more.

In current times, eyebrow scratching has no meaning associated with it, that is, it is just a touch of aesthetics and beauty. With no apparent meaning.

Make eyebrow scratch it's like getting a normal haircut, there's no meaning attached to it other than fashion.

If you intend to adopt this fad, you can do so with no fear of joining any organization. It will only be for style reasons.

What does risk on male eyebrows mean?

Why it's not a male eyebrow has no meaning, currently being a fashion detail for men.

That is, those who think it's beautiful can do it, and those who don't think so can't do it. There is no meaning associated with risk on the male eyebrow these days.

Men who make this eyebrow line, like Neymar, for example, do it by choice, without any meaning.

Meaning of the eyebrow scratch in the old days

Making a line on the eyebrow used to mean that the person belonged to a gang, and was later used by American rappers in the 80s and 90s.

Gangs used the risk to label their members, or to tag people from enemy gangs, making a real eyebrow cut.

Gangs used eyebrow cuts to identify each other. But after a few years, this practice was adopted by hip hop musicians.

As a style, and then the cut lost its meaning and became just a fashion detail. And currently continues without any meaning.

What does a line on the eyebrow mean?

The line on the eyebrow has no meaning, it's just a fashion item that went viral in the world of celebrities.


After shaving your brows, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for them to grow back in the shaved area.

There are several risk models that you can search on the internet if you want to make a risk on your eyebrow too. Thank you for following our article.

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