Meaning dreaming about ex boyfriend making love

Os dreams with ex A boyfriend can arise at any time in our lives, especially if it is an ex with whom we share many feelings, such as love.

In this article we are going to talk in detail about the meaning of this dream and what implications it brings to your life. They are usually positive and harmless assents!

Dreaming about your ex boyfriend making love can make you a little confused about your feelings. It can make you think that it is a desire or longing that you feel for him.

Meaning dreaming about ex boyfriend making love

Meaning of dreaming about ex boyfriend making love, it means you miss being intimate with this person and a part of you seeks to fulfill that desire.

It is normal to have erotic dreams about your ex, as he is a person with whom we share a lot of sexual relations and our mind is used to receiving sensual stimuli that, after the breakup, disappeared.

If you currently have a partner and dream of your ex making love, it is possible that you feel that something is missing in your current relationship and therefore your mind unconsciously seeks to satisfy what you feel is missing.

Make sure this dream is directly related to what you feel, and try to reflect on your feelings so that you can live in peace.


Don't feel bad for having this type of dream, whether you're engaged or you don't know that it's super normal to dream about your ex boyfriend. Because he is someone with whom he has spent several moments and his mind can search for these memories at any stage of his life.

Don't worry, you don't have to worry about doing anything to avoid having that kind of dream again, let your mind take its course and over time those memories will slowly fade into the past and you won't have to question yourself again!

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