Signs He's Leaving His Girlfriend

I want the signs that he's going to dump his girlfriend or if he's being that he's just lying and he's not going to dump his girlfriend.

Just words are not enough, because it takes much more than simple words to be able to believe that.

For that, we'll need to see some signs that indicate if it's true that he's going to leave his girlfriend or he's just lying.

Signs He's Leaving His Girlfriend

One of the first signs that a man is going to leave his wife is that he will even start to prioritize more and leave his girlfriend aside to be with you.

It is quite difficult to believe in men, as they tend to lie a lot to women, making promises that they will never keep.

That's why we've rounded up some signs that he's going to dump his girlfriend to be with you.

1. He ignores his girlfriend's calls and texts

If he ignores her texts and calls, it means he doesn't care about her at all and he just wants to be with you.

Their relationship is certainly over, and he's ready to start a new chapter without his girlfriend in him.

But if he gets nervous or goes out to talk to her, that's a sign that he's not going to break up with his girlfriend.

2. He wants to know more about you

If he makes the effort to know everything about you, it means he's interested in you and it's only a matter of time before he dumps his girlfriend.

He wants to know your dreams and aspirations and your likes and dislikes, he wants to know everything about you.

3. He's Always Excited to See You

He might start laughing, smiling, or generally looking happier knowing he's going to be with you, it's a sign that he's going to dump his girlfriend.

This is also one of the telltale signs that he will leave his girlfriend for you, as being with you makes him feel good.

4. He calls you a cute name

So if he starts calling you baby, darling, sweetie, love, it means he is very comfortable around you and wants you to feel the same way.

When calling you with one of these nicknames, it means that he has liked you more, and that he may leave his wife.

5. He texts and calls you all the time

He doesn't stop texting you anymore, it means he likes to know more about how you are and what you are doing.

Notice the way he treats you in relation to cell phone conversations.

6. He gives you thoughtful gifts

If he remembers your favorite chocolate or picks up a cute little gift because he knows you like it, it's certainly a sign that he cares about you.

He won't buy you an expensive gift just so you can get something from him. But he will buy exactly what you like, showing that he knows you well.

7. You make plans together

when he wants to settle down and find the right person for him, he will start making future plans just for the two of you.

His relationship is probably slowly fading away as this is a clear sign that he wants to be with you, no one else.

8. He no longer hides you from people

You are not allowed to meet him in public places or post his pictures on social media apps. Everything about the two of you is a big secret.

If he is ready to start something with you, he will no longer hesitate to kiss or hug you in public.

If he is about to break up with his current girlfriend, he will no longer hide that he is head over heels in love with you.


When we like a man who has a girlfriend, he can promise us he's going to dump his girlfriend, but it will be hard to believe.

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