Signs of a proud man in love

Men are known to be generally closed off when it comes to relationships, not showing their feelings.

We all know that most men are driven by pride. So it's hard to tell if he's in love or not.

But even if he's the proudest man in the world, today we're going to show you the tips to find out if he's in love or not.

Signs of a proud man in love

A proud man even if pride takes care of him there are some things that will show that he has feelings for you.

The most common signs you can look for to find out if he's into you are;

  • He treats you as a priority
  • Your woman's instinct tells you;
  • It does everything for you;
  • Gives you gifts and treats;
  • His voice changes when talking to you;
  • He likes to be around you;
  • He smiles a lot with you
  • His voice changes when talking to you;
  • He avoids talking about other women;
  • He responds to you quickly;
  • Gets nervous around you;
  • Gets flustered when talking;
  • He avoids looking you in the eye.

The way he will treat you, even if he is proud, will show that he cares about you.

1. He respects you above all else

One of the first signs of a proud man who is in love is that he will treat you very well.

He will respect you above all else and at no point will you show any kind of disrespect.

Even if his pride is the size of a mountain. No man in love will treat a person he likes.

2. He does everything to see you well

Second sign of a proud man in love that he will do anything to do you good. He will almost not deny any of his requests, wanting to please you almost always.

This sign can be a little hard to see as his pride can keep him from being a caring man.

3. He looks at you hidden

When a man is proud he won't stay looking at you directly into your eyes.

Therefore, he will only look at you when you are not looking at him or when you are distracted.

Try to pretend you're looking at something and see if he looks at you or not.

4. He gets shy around you

A man, no matter how proud he is, shyness will always go with him. Because by being by your side he won't be able to behave normally.

Try to see if he gets nervous around you, or if he acts strange when he's around or talking to you.

5. His smile and eyes

Another way to find out if the proud man is in love with you is by paying attention to his gaze and smile.

If he seems happier being with you or if his eyes light up when he's with you, it could be an indication that he's in love.

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