Symptoms of married man in love with another

There are some symptoms that can help us to find out if a married man is in love with another woman or not.

As much as he tries to hide it, the signs of loss of interest become more and more eminent and difficult to ignore.

So that you can be prepared for a possible separation or to try to save your marriage. It is necessary to start looking for the symptoms of a possible passion for another.

Symptoms of married man in love with another

We are not going to mention in this article the reasons that may have led your husband to want another woman in his life. We have already written an article explaining why men cheat.

The symptoms of a man in love with another usually start with the loss of interest in issues related to the couple and their intimacy. Making the two distance themselves more and more.

Below we list in detail each of the most common symptoms that can alert us to a possible woman in her husband's life.

1. Increased disinterest

One of the symptoms that he is probably in love with someone else happens when he starts to have less interest in issues related to the couple.

He doesn't care about what you do, where you're going and who you were with. Everything connected to you becomes unimportant to him.

Unfortunately this is the sign that shows the beginning of a possible passion for another woman, who is already gaining her husband's attention.

2. A lot of time away from home for no reason

A man who is seeing another woman will spend more time away from home than usual so that he can spend more time with her.

He may have unexplained departures, or frequent delays in returning from work. It could be a sign that he's up to something outside the house.

When you call him, he hardly answers you, even if he's not working, and it doesn't justify why he didn't answer you.

3. Don't let go of your cell phone

When his cell phone starts to gain security codes, it starts to stay in his pocket practically all the time, when he doesn't let go of his cell phone.

These subtle signs indicate that he may be hiding something from you, as the cell phone would be the best means of communication between him and his lover.

4. Use your hidden cell phone

You may also notice that he puts his cell phone on silent mode whenever he's at home, to avoid you being able to hear his cell phone ringing. sign of a man who betrays.

He always hides and avoids answering messages or answering calls while you are around him. A sign that something is wrong.

He may answer calls in secret, or always go away to answer calls, or speak very quietly during some calls.

5. Sexual Disinterest

Another symptom of a man who may be seeing another woman is when he doesn't care much about having sex with you.

Or when you make love, he seems to simply do it out of obligation, but his interest in you in bed seems to have died or weakened.

The frequency with which you make love drops dramatically, he seeks you out less in bed. A sign that he might be making love to the other woman.

6. Gets colder and more distant

The demonstrations of love, care, respect and affection begin to be scarce, making him become colder with you, for no apparent reason.

The kisses, hugs, smiles completely disappear, and you end up looking like two strangers living together. Each in their own corner.

7. Lies and bad stories

Did he start lying about what he was doing or where he was, or who he was with? Has he turned into a liar boy?

This is a clear symptom that he is in love with another. He lies to his face. Tell stories of why he was late coming back, or why he didn't answer you.

8. Everything is a reason for fights

Small things, like simple questions, can always end up becoming a reason for fights or come with arrogant answers from him.

Your communication becomes quite difficult, as you seem to no longer understand each other as a couple. A symptom that love is dying.

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