Let's try to summarize, in a clear and simple way, everything you need to do to conquer the skin of your dreams.

Cleaning your face after a long day of activities and work is essential, especially considering that it is one of the most delicate and thin skins on the entire body.

Aging, environmental pollution, makeup and stress weaken the skin's "protective" function and can cause it to lose its natural beauty, healthy appearance and hydration.

Whether makeup is used or not, the pores are clogged and as a result, the skin looks like tired and with impurities. That's why proper facial cleansing is key and doesn't require a lot of work to achieve it.

Skin cleansing before and after

Skin cleansing before and after
Skin cleansing before and after

A skin cleansing It's the first and most important step for your skin care. And there's no doubt that to show healthy skin, you have to start cleaning.

It is very important to do it in the morning and at night, because while we sleep, our body sweats up to 40% more than during the day and therefore it is important to clean the skin when we get up to get rid of perspiration, dead cells and excess sebum.

And at night, before bed, it is essential to carry out the same routine to remove makeup and impurities that have accumulated throughout the day.

Why should we cleanse the skin?

The skin is the organ most exposed to the outside and, consequently, its function is to act as a barrier against external agents. External substances (from the environment), in addition to dirtying the skin, can attack it, which will give the appearance of aged skin.

It is important to clean the skin before bed, because during the night is when skin repair occurs, when DNA is repaired, when collagen is produced, so you should ALWAYS keep your skin clean when you go to sleep. .

If we go to bed with dirty skin, both pollutants such as makeup or cosmetic residue that we have been applying during the day will block the oxygenation of the skin, which will make the purification process difficult.


By cleaning the skin we allow the products we apply later to be more effective, a cosmetic will not work on top of a layer of dirt directly on the skin.

It is essential to cleanse the skin to reduce pore size as it expands due to excess fat, dead cells and external dirt, which includes both cosmetics, makeup and pollution.

The pore also becomes larger when the skin is dehydrated, it is as if it wants to absorb water from the outside.

Dirty skin will sweat a lot more and this will cause skin dehydration. That's why sometimes when we go to bed with a dirty face or makeup, the next day it looks much drier and more dehydrated.

In the morning it is also important to wash your face, because while we sleep, especially on oily skin, more sebum is produced, which we need to remove.

In addition, with the natural renewal of the skin that took place at night, there is a greater number of dead cells that we must eliminate with cleaning in the morning.

When should we cleanse the skin?

  • We should clean the skin at night before going to bed and in the morning when we routinely get up.
  • Also in the case where we exercise and sweat.
  • After having been in an environment with a lot of pollution or dust.
  • Before any specific beauty treatment, including makeup.

How to cleanse skin

We must clean the skin differently depending on the type, which is influenced by age, skin thinness, fragility or sensitivity and the contribution of natural lipids you have. 

Of course, if a skin has a much more closed pore, the dirt is much more superficial and therefore much easier to clean with a softer product.

However, on oily skin, the same lipids form a film with dirt, and it will be more difficult to remove these dirt from the pores, in which case, we need a much more astringent and effective product or method.

remove makeup

The first step in clearing skin of all types is remove eye makeup (if we don't put on makeup, we can obviously ignore it). 

I advise you to do it with a specific product for this, with a cotton pad, first remove the mascara, it must be removed depending on the mask used, but in general with a cotton pad carefully from the bottom up not rubbing the lashes.

Do this several times until there are no traces of makeup.

1. Dry skin

Dry skin is more sensitive and needs extra care. To clean dry skin, the micellar water it's a good product. 

In this skin group we can include the atopic skin, which is very devoid of natural lipids, making it easier for eczema to appear. Micellar water should always be applied with a cotton pad and not a tissue.

The pore of this skin is very closed and easily irritated, so we must be very careful not to attack it, do it gently, with cotton from the inside out.

2. Mixed or normal skin

Combination skin allows the use of products that are clarified with water, although we do not need them to be very astringent, since this skin is normalized, we must not break its own balance. 

If we used a product that was too astringent, we could cause an increase in fat and skin irritation in the drier areas. However, if we use a product that is too soft, in excess, we will not be able to clean the skin properly.

That's why the ideal is a cleansing foam with water, massaging in a circular way and then just rinsing.

3. oily skin

That's what needs the most cleaning. If we don't do it deeply, you will get more and more dilated pores and ugly looking skin.

Therefore, it is essential to wash your face as often as necessary and always with a soap or cleansing gel for oily skin, rinsing with plenty of water afterwards.

If the skin is acne prone, it is preferable to try to do so without the acne lesions breaking down to prevent them from reinfecting.

What is a professional facial cleanser

professional skin-cleaning

The ideal would be to go to an aesthetic center and have a professional facial cleaning once a month, although it should be taken into account that the frequency of this treatment may vary depending on the type of skin. 

For example, those women with acne or very oily skin may need it once every 15 days or even once a week, so it's always best to consult a specialist.

A supportive professional facial cleanser can last approximately 50 minutes to 1 hours and, although each beauty center may offer an adapted version, the common treatment consists of to perform the following steps:

  • Cleaning facial: removes makeup and disinfects the face and neck, applying products that superficially cleanse the face. With steam, the pores open, and with special products, all impurities are removed. These products are chosen according to each skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.).
  • Massage: a toning and relaxing massage is applied, applying gels or creams to close the pores and decongest the dermis.
  • Hydration and nutrition: the skin is moisturized by a face mask and a cream is applied to protect the face, as well as a sunscreen.

If desired, professional facial cleansing can include other treatments such as exfoliation, acid application, more special products, etc.

Advantages and benefits of deep facial cleansing

Even though we remove makeup and cleanse the skin twice a day, both in the morning and at night, there is always residue build-up and the dermis may not fully oxygenate, so it takes more work to renew.

 For all these reasons, it is so important to subject the skin of the face to a deep professional cleaning once a month to show radiant and much younger looking skin.

 Thus, you can convince yourself of the effectiveness of this treatment, in the following lines we detail which are the main facial cleansing benefits:

  • All dead skin cells are removed and deeply accumulated impurities are removed.
  • It allows the skin to be oxygenated from the inside, so it breathes correctly again and the cell regeneration process that takes place at night is successfully carried out.
  • Completely unclogs pores, decongests them and also reduces their size
  • Balances the skin's pH and combats the effects of external pollutants on the skin
  • delays aging, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and the result is a much brighter, smoother and silkier skin
  • Increases skin hydration and cosmetics or treatments applied after being absorbed work much better
  • Fights and reduces the signs of fatigue and tiredness on the face
  • Blood circulation in the area is activated and facial muscles are weakened.

Skin cleansing products


The cleaning products we use must be suitable according to the type of skin and the time of use.

Milk and cleansing tonic

These products are not washed off with water. They are lotions with a high water content and with a watery external finish so that the skin doesn't feel oily. 

They have in their composition soothing, moisturizing and nutrients to keep the skin hydrated and make them as smooth as possible with the natural lipid mantle of dry skin, which is very thin. 

It is usually necessary to use a toner to remove the remains of this lotion so the skin is clean and fresh.

These are ideal for dry, sensitive or problem skin, and can even be helpful for baby's skin.

Micellar Water

As the same name implies, they are waters with micelles. These have two poles and the ability to attract excess fat from the skin and substances external to it (dirt).

In its composition depending on the type of skin it is designed to carry one or another component. They have a physiological pH and do not contain soaps or harsh chemicals for the skin.

It can be used as a makeup remover, as a first step in cleaning mixed and oily skin.

 It is important to apply them with a cotton ball, massage in a circle and repeat the operation changing the cotton as many times as necessary. As they contain a lot of water in themselves, it is not necessary to wash your face afterwards.

Cleaning foam with rinse

Cleaning foam is the product that must be rinsed with water. However, due to its composition, very little is needed and it is much milder than a soap or cleansing gel, which will foam once it comes in contact with water.

Cleaning soap or gel

It's the most powerful cleaner we have and it's the one that will clean more deeply. It is the necessary product when the skin is oily, the pore is enlarged or when there are acne problems.

We must keep in mind that not all soaps are the same, some are more aggressive than others and this has nothing to do with whether they are natural or not. 

For example, a glycerin soap can be very natural, but if it contains a high content of sodium or potassium hydroxide, it will be very astringent and can become too harsh on the skin.

 Ideally, they also contain moisturizing agents, like a little oil, or components like oatmeal, which will offset their strength. When these soaps have their pH buffered or lowered, they tend to be much more liquid.

In acne, these soaps may also contain antiseptics and anti-inflammatories, many of which contain triclosan or tea tree oil, which has natural antiseptic properties. If the PH is too acidic, it will also have an exfoliating action.

makeup removal scarf

They are fantastic for cleansing the skin, but only as an emergency and not as a daily routine as they cannot clean deeply. 

These wipes are impregnated with cleansing milk or micellar lotion which, when in contact with the skin, acts by dragging the dirt, but cannot emulsify as a product applied directly to the skin.

Depending on the brands, they contain active ingredients that are more or less astringent for the skin and even some exfoliants. 

They are a good option if we travel, or if we want to use them as a first step to remove makeup, even the eyes, but then it is preferable to use another method of deeper cleaning.

lotion to remove makeup

For proper skin hygiene, it is best to remove makeup with these specific lotions. 

Depending on the type of makeup, especially if it's waterproof, you'll need to contain more greasy components, like an oil, or if it's milder, the lotion can be more watery.

Some eye makeup removers are biphasic and with them, makeup is removed more easily. 

cleaning brushes

Lately all or almost all brands have a cleaning brush, with more or less power. But to have a quality brush that lasts for a long time, it is essential to take some care: 

  • We must keep the cleaning brush clean, after each use you must rinse and let it dry.
  • Don't share your brush with others, but if you must, make sure you clean the bristles well before using it on yourself.
  • This type of brush does not need to be pressed against the skin, the brushes already have a fair amount of power for effective cleaning and therefore there is no need to press. 
  • If used very often, it should be very soft. If you use it too often, it's like you exfoliate your skin daily, and if it's too intense, it can cause the skin to resist, and it will become more rigid, as if it was acting in defense. Therefore, it is preferable to do it in the right measure on alternate days.
  • Use with wet skin and also with cleansers such as foam or soap.

Mistakes we make with our skin

Some of the mistakes we should avoid to keep the skin clean, which will always look younger and brighter.

  • Do not clean your hands before cleaning your face,
  • Do not remove makeup before washing the skin,
  • If you exfoliate the skin too hard, it will attack the cutis,
  • Using very hot water will remove the layer of natural lipids 
  • Do not rinse the skin well and leave soap or makeup remover residue,
  • Do not wash your skin morning and night,
  • Using inappropriate products.

How to do a deep facial cleanse at home

If you don't have time to go to a beauty center or if you want to save money, you can also make your own. facial cleansing at home to show off an equally beautiful, glowing and youthful skin.

To do this, you will have to follow the steps below and use the products that best suit your skin's needs, take note:

  • Wash your face with cold water and remove any residue with a facial cleanser suitable for your skin type. Find out which one is right for you
  • Massage gently with fingertips on face such as forehead, chin, eyebrows and neck to relax all muscles
  • Apply an exfoliating lotion to remove dead cells in a circular motion
  • Make sprays to open all the pores. To do this, place a pan of previously boiled hot water on a hard surface. 
  • Cover your head with a towel and bring your face close to the pan so that you notice that all the hot steam permeates your face, stay in this position for at least 10 minutes.
  • After this time, apply a toner to close the pores and refresh the skin.
  • Finally, apply your usual moisturizer.

It is important that, after cleaning, avoid putting on makeup right away and let the skin rest and completely renew for a while. 

If, in addition, you like natural cosmetics, you can also incorporate some natural ingredients into this treatment.