Dreaming that you are running from the police

When a person is running away from the police, we soon think that he has done something wrong, so we can already assume that this dream represents something negative.

dream that you are running from the police doesn't necessarily mean you'll get into trouble with the police. This dream has a different representation of how it happens.

So you can be a little relaxed, that at least you won't have problems with the police. But there are some problems in your life that you should pay attention to.

Dreaming that you are running from the police

To dream that you are running from the police it means you're running away from some trouble you've caused🇧🇷 It could be a problem caused for a friend, a family member, or a close person.

The police in this dream represents a problem caused by you and running away from the police represents you are running away from that problem you caused.

You may not have problems in mind, but believe that there is something you've done wrong and you're trying to evade responsibility by owning up to the problem.

It won't get you into trouble with the police, but this dream reminds you that something you did wrong and you are ignoring it.

But you can ask yourself “I didn't cause any problems”, so it may not be exactly a problem, it could be the case of some responsibility.

Unfailed promises can also make us have this kind of dream. What happens when we promise something to someone and we don't keep our promise, causing pain or some problem for the person we made the promise for.

That is, we run away from some responsibility we had, and this dream comes to alert you about this behavior.

If you can remember being unfair or unfair to someone recently, it would be a good idea to go to the person and apologize or try to keep the promise you left pending.

What does it mean to dream about running away from the police?

This dream means that you ran away from a responsibility that you had or that you simply ignored a responsibility that you should have fulfilled.

It could be a promise you made to someone that you didn't keep or that you were seeing someone and not paying if the person.

So after having this dream, you need to stop and rethink your last attitudes and try to find some action that can justify this dream.

This dream of being on the run from the police could also mean that you have some unpaid debt with someone. And the person must be in need of the money or to return what you took.

In short, the dream of running away from the police represents running away from a problem of responsibility or some debt. Avoid being a dishonest person as much as possible, that's what this dream is trying to warn you about.


The dream of running away from the police tells you not to ignore the small problems you cause and not to run away from the responsibilities of your problems.

This is the message of this dream that warns us that we must always be honest people.

Fulfilling our responsibilities to avoid having problems later in our lives if we behave like this.

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