Dreaming about the current ex

Dreaming about your ex is a very common dream that happens to many people after a breakup.

But dreaming of your ex's current, it is a slightly different dream and one that is not as common as the first one.

This dream can be quite strange and cause you many doubts. But, today we are going to explain everything you need to know to understand and decipher this dream.

Dreaming about the current ex

Dream about your ex's current, it means that your ex hooked up with another woman before you and him completely forgot about each other.

With that, your ex's current one, appears in your dreams, as she is meddling in your dreams so much. As well as the still-undead feeling between you and your ex.

Meaning, to the universe, you and your ex are still connected in some way. And by staying with someone else, this current one ends up getting in the middle of that feeling that still connects you and your ex.

This dream may even seem strange, but that's its message. As much as you are not together, it is normal for your souls to still be connected.

Many people believe that spiritually, when we dream about our ex's current one, it's because he stayed with someone else without having completely forgotten us.

With that, the current one occupied a place that was still hers, in the place of her ex's heart. And for that reason she appears in your dreams.

This dream shows that there is still a conflict of feelings, in which your ex-boyfriend may still have feelings for you.

If you dreamed about your ex, it would mean that you still have feelings for him. But, dreaming about your ex's current means that he still has feelings for you.


Fortunately, despite this dream being totally strange, and with a kind of confusing message. This dream can be considered as a normal dream, which is neither negative nor positive.

Just know that with time, the ties that bind you and your ex in the universe will eventually fade with time.

That is, he or you will forget about each other completely, causing what they feel for each other to live completely.

This dream could also represent feeling replaced by his new girlfriend. That is, you feel that she is taking her place.

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