dream of someone running after me

Dreaming of someone running after you is one of the most disturbing dreams you can have. A dream that can be considered a nightmare.

We've already talked about dreaming about police running after from someone, but for today, let's talk about dreaming about an ordinary person running after you.

This dream has a great meaning, and it brings us a very important message about issues related to our life.

dream of someone running after me

We can start by saying that this is a negative dream, that is, dreams that bring bad omens to people who have them.

Dreaming of someone running after you, it means that you are trying to get away from a problem that you must solve. But instead of solving it, it's running away.

The person chasing or chasing you in this dream represents the problem you have in your life that is causing this dream.

To be running away from that person or that this person is running after you means that you are running away from your problems instead of stopping and facing them.

You might wonder what those problems might be? That question only you can answer, because you have the information about your life.

You must stop and think about your problems, and see what problems you may be running from them, and you can solve them.

Problems presented in this dream may be linked to issues related to your work, your relationship, your coexistence with people in general.

Analyze each of these areas of life, to try to find the problem that is tormenting your judgment, so that you can solve it quickly.

This is a dream about an omen, i.e. of something that will happen or that is happening, so it cannot be ignored.

Dreaming of a stranger running after me

If the person running after you were a Unknown person, this dream turns out to have a different meaning.

This means that you are running away from a problem you have with a person who is not close to you.

That is, it is not a person who lives with you a lot, but you ended up having some disagreement with him and you need to solve that problem.

Dreaming of an acquaintance running after me

If the person running after you in this dream sees a person you know, the meaning will be the opposite of the above.

With that, this dream means that you are trying to escape a problem you have with a known person.

That is, this problem may be linked to a friend of yours, a family member, or a close person with whom you live.


This dream comes to alert you to stop running away from your problems, and start to stop and face them head on.

Many people may believe that dreaming of someone running after them can mean that this will happen in real life.

But this interpretation is wrong, because, as we have already said, dreams carry messages and are not the exact representation of what happens in them.

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