Dreaming of a friend who has died

The dreams are a mixture of reality and fantasy, dreaming of a friend who has died can bring us many happy memories and feelings. But it can be confusing and upsetting because he is no longer part of this world.

Dreams don't always have a specific meaning, many of them are based on what we live and what we feel.

A dream can bring people who have died to life, as well as the opposite, the meaning of each one depends on its particularities.

Dreaming of a friend who has died

Dreaming of a friend who has already died, it means that you miss and miss the moments you spent with your friend and your friendship.

Know that it is a way of recapitulating all the adventures you shared and living these revelations for the now.

You would often have these dreams in moments of anguish and loneliness, in which your feelings are more susceptible and in which you feel that his loss or absence deprives you of wise advice to help you resolve any conflict.

In many cases, it can also be associated with good luck, success and prosperity knocking on your door.

When you dream of a deceased friend, if it's not a simple memory that you relive, it's often because you haven't fully overcome the loss.


Bear in mind that losing an important person in our life is a fact that changes everything and affects us deeply, so it is logical that it takes time to assimilate. You shouldn't worry about it.

Enjoy this moment of nostalgia when this dream comes to you again and know that this friend from above watches over you and wishes you the best.

There is no better feeling than friendship for sure and a gift to be able to relive moments with a friend who is no longer with us!

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