dream about broken car

Dream with cars have a great meaning in the world of dreams, and today we are going to unravel the mysteries behind dreaming about a broken car.

We all know that breaking down your car in real life is already a big headache for anyone who owns a car.

But what about the dream world or the spiritual world, what meaning does this dream bring us or what is its message or warning? Discover it all in our guide.

dream about broken car

The car in dreams symbolizes our trajectory, and this dream in which the car broke down is a bad omen for the life of the person who had the dream.

Dreaming of a broken car means that soon on your journey you will have problems, which will prevent you from moving faster in your life.

That is, in some area of ​​your life, be it financial, love or your projects in general, it was to suffer a break, caused by some problem that you will have to fix in order to move on.

The car in dreams, as a means of transportation, represents our journey in life, facilitating access or getting to a certain place faster.

When this car breaks down in dreams, it represents that we reach our goal, we will suffer some problems, caused by the breakdown of the means of locomotion.

If in the dream you manage to fix your broken car, it means that the problem that would prevent you from moving forward with your goals was or will be easily solved.

When the car breaks down because of an accident, the dream ends up meaning that the problem is even more serious, and you need to be more careful.


The road of life is full of thorns, which make our walk difficult. And we must always remain firm, no matter what happens.

This dream serves as a warning that you need to be more careful in your path in life. Because she may suffer an unwanted break, due to some problem.

Take care of yourself more and try not to stay away from your goals and what you intend to achieve in your life. Keep your faith always active.

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