dream with keys in hand

Dreaming of a key in hand is one of the best dreams a person can have today, it represents a good omen.

Keys serve to open doors, and their symbology is exactly in this matter of opening doors to a person's life.

Today we are going to talk about the meaning of this dream and the message that the spirit world is trying to bring us with this dream.

dream with keys in hand

Keys serve to open doors, this dream represents that new doors will open for you in your life, this being an omen of prosperity.

Dreaming of keys in hand means that new opportunities will open up in your life soon, that is, this dream represents good luck and prosperity.

Everything good that you can imagine is represented in this dream, as spiritism tells us that doors are opened with Keys.

All the meanings of this dream are positive, as they are linked to the fact that new projects, dreams, achievements are coming into your life.

1. Represents good luck and prosperity

This dream means that in the coming days you will be very lucky and prosperous in your life according to spiritism.

The good luck this dream brings can be related to different areas of your life, such as in the financial area, in the personal area and in the family area.

2. A new achievement in your life

This dream can also represent that you will soon conquer something that you fought hard to achieve.

It can be the achievement of something small or even something quite big, such as the achievement of a house or the achievement of buying a car.

3. New doors opening

For spiritism, this dream means that new doors will open in your life soon, and that there will be new opportunities.

The doors that will open in your life can be new achievements, such as, for example, getting a new job or getting into college.

4. You need to take a step in your life

The spiritual world also tells us that dreaming with a key in hand can mean that you need to open a door in your life.

That is, it means that it is in your hands to change your life and open new doors, for new experiences in your life.

Dream about bunch of keys in hand

It is your dream that more than one key appeared, that is, several Keys appeared The meaning is the same, but it can change a little.

Dreaming of a bunch of keys in your hand means that many opportunities will open up in your life, in several areas at the same time. This dream represents a lot of luck.


As we can already see throughout this article, the keys in your dreams are a true demonstration of successes on your path.

After having this dream, you don't have to worry about anything other than just waiting for good luck and prosperity to arrive in your life.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you liked it and understood what it means to dream about a boss in your hand.

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