Dream about broken glass cups

Dreaming of broken glass represents negativity, broken promises, relationship problems, unfulfilled goals, bad luck, fears and more.

Fortunately this dream has nothing to do with the things mentioned above, having a different meaning.

Today we are going to better understand the meaning behind this dream and what they see to alert us in our lives.

Dream about broken glass cups

Dreaming of broken glass cups, it means that you need to remove certain people from your life, and leave certain things that no longer served you in the past.

Just like a glass of broken glass, which will no longer be useful. We have no choice but to throw the glass away.

This dream can also represent that we should leave certain things in the past, as they no longer make sense in our lives.

Just like broken glasses that are no longer useful and should be thrown away. We have to accept the fact that they are no longer important and we must leave that in the past.

The broken glasses in this dream represent people who are no longer important and who need to be removed from our lives.

Although it seems heavy, after taking these people out of your life, new people will enter your life that will be more useful to you.

This dream comes to warn you that you are accumulating many people who do not add up to anything, nor help you with anything in your life.

Just like broken glass, when we try to handle it, we can cut ourselves. These people can also cause us problems, so the best thing to do is simply to stay away from them.


But who are these people? That leg question you can answer. Try looking for people who were once important to you and are now just standing still in your life.

Some examples of these people are those friends who were very close before, but who have now become strangers in our lives.

We also have the case of contacts on your cell phone that you haven't spoken to for a while, and they are just there for decoration.

The most recommended would be to delete these contacts so that new contacts can appear in your life. Glass also tells us about not getting attached to things from the past.

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