Dreaming of a tooth falling out in the hand evangelical meaning

Teeth are mentioned several times in the bible, and with that the tooth falling into the hand has a very strong and important evangelical meaning.

The best-known Bible verse that mentions teeth says: an eye for an eye, tooth by tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. It can be found in Exodus 21:24.

Teeth are powerful, and not just any member of our body. In both the real world and the evangelical world, teeth are very important.

Dreaming of a tooth falling out in the hand evangelical meaning

Depending on how the dream happens, its meaning can be negative or positive for the person who is having the dream.

Dreaming of a tooth falling in the hand means that the person is taking a problem out of his life and that he is now free, and his destiny is in his hands, evangelical meaning.

With this we can assume that Dreaming of a tooth falling in the hand represents a good omen that now or soon, we will get rid of a problem that tormented us a lot.

In some cases the person dreams pulling out your own tooth, but in this one the tooth falls out of the mouth and goes into your hand, which does not change the meaning.

The tooth falling out represents the problem or something that bothered you, as the tooth could be soft or rotten, to fall out. With that, a weight lifts from your life.

When it falls into your hand, it represents that now the problem is in your hand. Then, you can decide what will be the fate of the problem that is no longer part of your life, and how you want to move on.

This dream with a tooth in your hand symbolizes your victory and deliverance from problems in your life, according to the evangelical meaning of this dream.

And if he takes away his servant's tooth, or his maidservant's tooth, will let you go free by your tooth. Exodus 21:27

This verse feeds the evangelical meaning of our dream, making it clear that by removing the tooth, the person will be freed by the tooth, that is, from his problem.


After having this dream, you can be completely relaxed, nothing bad is coming, just a message that you will win the fight.

The evangelical world will always be with us to guide us and help us to interpret our dreams, so that we can know how to walk in life.

Analyze your problems and see which one is causing you great torment. And if it can be the problem that your dream portends will be resolved.

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