Dream about ex and current

Having a dream in which your ex appears, can be quite normal, but when the current one is also in the same dream.

Things can get complicated and harder to understand, creating a ton of doubt over and over again about its meaning.

Today, we are going to help you to decipher and understand the real meaning of this dream, so that you can solve your doubts or most of them.

Dream about ex and current

dream about ex and current, it means that you like the qualities of both, that is, you still miss certain things that your ex did and your current one does not.

And by dreaming of both, you are getting the good part of your ex and the good part of your current one. For your heart would like the two to be one.

Let's explain better so you can understand. In short, this dream means that you still like certain things about your ex and also like certain things about your current one.

You may not realize it, but your heart misses some things from the past. Some quality your ex had that your current one doesn't have.

The dream can also happen because you and your current one haven't experienced as many good things as you did with your ex. And your heart still misses those good times.

For example, it could be that your ex was more affectionate, whereas your current one is not. And at the same time, your ex wasn't good in bed, but your current one is.

In this example, we have two situations, where you have a good part of your ex and you have a good part of your current one. With that your heart will like both.

Making both of them in your dreams, because you like them both, not in feelings, but in their qualities.

Dreaming about ex-boyfriend and his current one

If it is not your current one that appears in the dream, and it is your ex's current one, that is, dreaming of the ex and his current one, the meaning can change a lot.

Dreaming about ex-boyfriend and his current one it means that you are not completely over your ex yet. You feel that somehow you have been switched or that his current one is taking its place.

This dream represents the fact that you still haven't come to terms with the fact that your ex has hooked up with someone else.

Maybe you don't love your ex anymore and you don't feel anything for him anymore. But, know that to forget a person first we have to forget it from the mind and only then do we forget it from the heart.

This process of forgetting the person from the heart takes more time. And we may not feel anything for the person anymore, because the mind has already forgotten.

But heart still kept something. We already talked in another article about the meaning of dream about current ex.

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