Dreaming of ex boyfriend and current together

Dreams about issues from our past, involving our ex boyfriend or ex boyfriend and his current one, have a strong meaning.

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend is already a very disturbing dream, but things get complicated when we dream about the lover and the current boyfriend at the same time.

But what the hell does that mean! This question is bouncing around in his head. Fortunately, there is a meaning behind this disturbing dream.

Dreaming of ex boyfriend and current together

It can be shocking and unpleasant to have such a dream. Is not? But really speaking, these dreams are a reflection of your current state of thoughts, feelings and actions in waking life.

Dreaming of your ex and current boyfriend together means that you have gone through an unwanted and painful breakup and have not yet completely overcome it. You are not happy with how things ended between you and your ex.

Dreaming about your ex boyfriend and your current one does not mean that you want to get back together with him, but it does mean that you are trying to fill the void of your past life.

This dream happens because your mind still misses some good times you had with your ex boyfriend.

It leaves you wanting more, your unconscious needs are making their way into dreams. Don't worry that all this is normal to happen.

This dream just represents that you still have a feeling for your husband, which is not love, but that you still like him.

Your current boyfriend in the same dream means he is now part of your life, but your ex hasn't completely left your thoughts yet.

This dream does not have a one-size-fits-all explanation. The interpretation depends on the specific dream situation and the emotions that are associated with it.

It can signify a longing for the past, for some good times, and you want to fulfill in your current relationship. In dreams, you are just visiting old memories and connecting to those happy times and lonely experiences you shared with your ex.


Your ex dating in this dream is a symbol of a happy timeline of your life that you miss right now. It reminds you of certain qualities of him that are missing from your current boyfriend.

Maybe your current boyfriend is less passionate, cold or doesn't live up to your expectations, or something else your ex boyfriend was better at doing.

Don't worry about this dream, it is your mind that is making you have these dreams. Based on all the good things you had with your ex boyfriend.

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