Dreaming about an ex boyfriend according to the bible

We know that the Bible always has a word to give us the meaning of anything, and today we want the meaning of dreaming about an ex boyfriend.

There are different meanings depending on which side we want to base ourselves on. Being that there is the meaning of the dream book, the meaning in the spiritual world and the meaning in the Bible.

There are some verses in the Bible that can point us to what the Bible says about dreaming about an ex. But it must be remembered that the Bible is not always straightforward in words.

Dreaming about an ex boyfriend according to the bible

The Bible does not directly quote the ex boyfriends, as this practice of dating was not very considered, as it focuses more on marriage.

Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend according to the Bible means that you still suffer from the separation and that you miss your ex-boyfriend.

This dream means that there is still a very strong feeling that connects you to your ex-boyfriend, preventing you from accepting the separation completely, according to the bible.

The LORD is near to those who are brokenhearted, and he saves those who are oppressed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

Despite not being very specific, the Bible accepts that God knows our pain and our feelings, with that he knows our feelings.

That is, you can hide your feelings from everyone, but you will not be able to hide what you feel from God.

1. According to the bible you are dissatisfied

Being dissatisfied with the end of your relationship doesn't mean that maybe you don't want you to break up.

But it could be connected with dissatisfaction with the way your relationship with your ex-boyfriend ended, and that could be causing those dreams about him according to the Bible.

Your ex boyfriend appearing in your dream was affirming the idea that you are still grieving for the person even if you don't realize it.

2. The bible says you still love your ex boyfriend

As mentioned above, the Bible talks about whether you still love your ex-boyfriend and that's why he appears in your dreams.

The Lord Knows what goes on in your heart, even if you feel it or refuse to accept the truth of what you still feel.

3. You miss your ex boyfriend

It may be that you don't exactly feel the Intense love you felt for him when we were still together in the past.

But maybe you still miss the good times. And everything you've been through together, making him appear in your dream.

It may be that you don't miss the person exactly, but what you did together and the things you shared with each other.

4. The bible says they can still come back

If you still have chances or hopes that one day you can get back with your ex-boyfriend, this dream can come to confirm that.

For the Bible tells us that we must have faith in what we want and that it will come true if we want it with all our heart.

This meaning will depend on what you still feel about your ex-boyfriend. If you have absolutely no feelings for him, then you don't have to worry about it.


It's always good to stop and reflect a little to know how our heart is dealing with the fact of Separation.

Because we can believe that it is a matter overcome but that, deep down, we can still feel something, which can cause us these dreams.

The Bible has already made it clear that these dreams are especially linked to the issue of love that still exists between you and your ex-boyfriend, even if hidden.

We have reached the end of the story of We hope you enjoyed and understood the meaning of dream about ex boyfriend the second the Bible.

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