dream about naked man

This is one of the dreams that can make you pretty disgusted, depending on how the naked man appears in your dream, and how it turns out.

Unfortunately, this dream is a very heavy one, as simple as it may seem, it carries a very strong warning about a person close to you.

The spiritual world always uses dreams to alert us when people close to us have dark intentions and want to harm us.

dream about naked man

The meaning of this dream it is quite negative and even worrying, as it represents dirty desires coming from someone close.

Dreaming of a naked man means that someone who lives with you has ulterior motives with you, that is, a person who sees you with different eyes.

This dream is an omen that someone looks at you, with sexual desires, without you realizing it. Being that it's a person you wouldn't even suspect.

That person could be a family member, a friend, a coworker, a classmate, or anyone else who is a man.

This dream is the representation that the naked man that appears in your dream, is the man that you have dirty desires with you.

Usually this person will never appear directly in the dream, and a strange man or a known man may appear, but not him.

This man is a pervert or even a sexual predator. That's why we should avoid exposing ourselves too close to any man, even if he's an acquaintance.

Try to think of who would have easy access to your privacy other than your partner. Someone who could want you as a woman. Sometimes the person misses signs.


This dream is even lighter, and in other cases, you can dream of making love to a man, which would be more serious than just seeing him.

After having this warning dream, you should start to be more concerned about your privacy, to avoid being the object of desire for a close man.

The men we thought wouldn't have malicious eyes on us, may end up being the ones who look at us the most with ulterior motives.

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