Dreaming of broken glass windows

The windows in dreams are considered windows of view of our past where we can see our past through them.

When these windows are broken, they have symbolism in the dream world, which represents a cycle from our past life.

This dream does not have any negative messages, nor is it a sign that something bad is going to happen.

Dreaming of broken glass windows

This dream is just a representation of the break or end of a life cycle. The life cycle in dreams is when we get over a pain or guilt from something done in the past.

Dreaming of broken glass windows it means you are coming full circle in your life, leaving your past hurts and pains behind.

We often live trapped in the past, and this prevents us from looking to the future or moving forward. That's why there are cycles, to create new pains and break the old ones.

We can cite the example of overcoming the death of people, the end of a relationship or the loss of a job, among others.

This process of overcoming these situations can take a long time before we can finally overcome them, and then the cycle closes, and the window is broken.

The windows in dreams represent the vision of our past, through which we can see our past. A past we can't get over.

When these windows glass break represent that the past is in the past. It may be that you had a pain stored in your past that tormented you.

With the windows breaking, it means that this cycle has closed this cycle of pain and memories of the past.

Windows in dreams are like doors, but different from doors, in that they serve as an entrance and exit.

Glass windows are only for seeing through. That's why they are considered as a vision of our past, in which we cannot touch it, but we can see through them.


There is a saying that goes; leave the past behind and move forward. There is nothing important in the past.

So when having this dream, do not be worried, as it is just a representation, not a warning or an alert.

Over time, we create new cycles in our lives. We end a relationship, get over it, and start another, and so the cycle is renewed.

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