Dreaming about dead person being alive

Dreaming of a dead person is quite normal, but dreaming of a dead person being alive can cause the dreamer several doubts.

The dead have the ability to travel between the spirit world and the real world, but only through dreams. And that's why a dead person can appear in your dream being alive.

The dead use this trip for several purposes, the most common being to bring a message, to pay a visit or to warn us about something.

Dreaming about dead person being alive

dream about dead person being alive means that person wants you to know that they are there for you, whether it be to comfort you, to protect you, or to bless you.

The dead use dreams to travel between the worlds and be able to communicate with the real world, with different purposes. Depending on how the dream takes place.

This dream has several meanings and each one of them fits depending on how the dream happens. And below we will mention all aspects of this dream.

The person came to visit you

The most common meaning of dreaming about a dead person being alive is that this person simply came to visit you, because he or you are missing that person.

If that is the meaning, the person who will appear in your dream will be a person who had a great bond with you, that is, a person close to you.

And after having that dream, it is normal for you to feel a great peace and comfort, which means that the person simply came to visit you and comfort you.

The person came to send you a message

Another reason why a dead person appears in your dream while still alive is that they came to send you a message. Or an alert about something related to her life.

If it is the meaning of your dream, the person will appear in your dream very distressed and saying different things, being a very disturbing dream as if it were a dream of terror.

After having the dream, you will wake up with a lot of worry, fear, thoughts of members, frustration and a lot of stress. Which demonstrates that this dream was a warning of something.

The person came to protect you

Sometimes a dead person can become our guardian angel, protecting us against all the evil thrown at us, by people or by evil spirits.

This person can appear in your dreams simply to remind you that he is always by your side to protect you and that he doesn't need to mean any harm.

If this is what your dreams mean, you will wake up feeling more protected, at peace and motivated to get on with your life. The state of peace means that this dream was one of protection.


We hope that after reading this article, you have understood the meaning of this dream and that you are now at peace regarding the meaning of the dream.

This dream cannot be considered negative, but sometimes you should stop to rethink your life, to try to find a balance point.

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