Dreaming of a dead person who is alive

This is one of those very confusing dreams that we are left without knowing what to think and what could be the meaning of dreaming about a dead person, but who is alive.

Let's simplify first to see if we're really clear. You dreamed of a person who in the real world is alive, but who in her dream appeared dead.

Know that the spiritual world has a lot to tell us about the meaning of this dream and what message it brings to your life.

Dreaming of a dead person who is alive

Saying if this dream is negative or positive can be a bit complicated, as it will depend on each one's interpretation.

Dreaming of a dead person who is alive means that that person changed and became a new person and that you contributed to that.

When a person dies in a dream being that she is alive, it represents that a part of her has died and a new identity of hers has been reborn.

It could be that the person has changed in a positive or negative way, but that you had a pretty big impact on that change.

With that, the spiritual world brings this dream to you, it is the illusion that you have contributed to this new phase or change in the person.

You helped change that person.

As we said above, the most common meaning of dreaming about a dead person when he is still alive is that you helped in the renewal process of that person.

It could be that the person was quite childish, for example, and that thanks to your help he became a more mature person. With that, the childish part of her died giving life to maturity.

This meaning is only valid if you know that the person has changed a lot over the time you've known each other, or if you may have influenced the person.

The influence we exert on people can be direct or indirect. That is, even if you don't remember helping the person, it's possible that they were inspired by you.

Your connection to the person has died

In many cultures it is believed that when you dream of a dead person, but that he is still alive, it means that your connection or bond has died.

That is, if you used to be close to that person or you had a strong connection or intimacy, that feeling may have died.

Most of the time this meaning comes when it comes to a friend, colleague, or a person who was very close to us.

This is the only valid meaning if you have had a very strong relationship with the person in the past and now you are farther apart.

Conclusion about dreaming of a dead person who is alive

These dreams allude to us changing something or someone changing it. It is necessary that her previous spirit can die to be reborn.

Many people may believe that this dream means that the person will die, but this meaning is quite wrong.

We have reached the end of our article and we hope you understood and enjoyed knowing the meaning of dreaming of a dead person who is alive.

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