Dreaming of people who have died as if they were alive

dream about people who have already died, which is quite common, but the dream was so real that it was as if they were alive in the real world.

The fact that they are in your dream as if they were alive, has a great meaning in the spiritual world, which cannot be ignored.

Know that people can die in the real world, but in the spiritual world, they are still alive, and they still play the very important role.

Dreaming of people who have died as if they were alive

Let's start by telling you that this dream can be a good omen, as well as a bad omen for you, and that depends on some factors.

Dreaming of people who have died as if they were alive means that they came to bring you a message, good luck, a warning or it was just a simple visit.

The exact meaning will depend on how the dead appeared in your dream. Below you will better understand the meaning of this dream.

After dead, people can be charged with protecting us, that is, being our guardian angels and so on.

But to better understand this dream, let's detail the possible causes and meanings of dreaming about dead people in your dream.

They are bringing you luck

When the dead appear in our dreams, they may only come to bring us luck and prosperity in our lives.

When this is the meaning, only people you liked very much when they were alive will appear, and they will be happy.

This is usually the most common meaning, and the vast majority of people tend to have it. But if that's not your case, read on.

something will happen

The dead can come to your dreams to warn you that it is coming into your life. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing will depend on how they were.

If they appear happy in your dream, it means good things are coming, but if they are sad or angry, something bad is coming.

Try to remember how they were, to try to figure out if it was a warning or just a visit from them. If you feel a worry, something bad will happen.

they are protecting you

The dead can appear in your dreams to remind you that they are there to remind you that they haven't forgotten you, and are there as your guardian angels.

If that's the case, you'll wake up feeling safer and more secure. For you will know that you have your guardian angels protecting you.

Even if they are people who had no connection with them, they may have been assigned this task in the spirit world.

They are just visiting you

Usually the dead in our dreams can also just come to visit us. So that we can kill the longing, and that's why they appear as if they were alive.

they may have had a loophole so they could travel the worlds and reach their dream to greet you and leave.

If this is the meaning, you will wake up without any reaction or fear from this dream. And you will be at peace with yourself.


We hope that you liked our article and that after reading it, you understood the meaning of this great dream.

Try to remember as many items as possible in order to get the dream meaning as accurate as possible using our guide.

Dreaming of people who have died, but seem to be alive in your dream, represents that there is a connection between you and the beings in your dream.

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