dream of a broken door

dream about door broken it is a warning dream, to alert you that there is a vulnerability in your real life or spiritually.

Doors have the task of preventing people or anything from entering a place that must remain safe from intruders.

The meaning of this dream it starts to become clear from that point on, where a broken door already demonstrates that something negative will or can happen.

dream of a broken door

Doors in dreams represent protection, and they must always be intact and cannot be broken or with any part open.

Dreaming of a broken door means that there are vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your life that could allow people or if they could invade your life.

The broken door in your dream represents a gap in your life that needs to be fixed, otherwise it may cause invasion by other people or beings.

In the same way that when the door of your house breaks down, you will feel very insecure, as you will know that you can suffer an attack more easily.

The same applies to this dream that makes it clear that you have become vulnerable, and this could be linked to your feelings.

You may have become more vulnerable to being hurt by others or more vulnerable to spiritual attack.

Vulnerability in the real world

This dream can present two vulnerabilities, the first being in the real world where people can take advantage of you.

The representation would be that you are vulnerable in relation to other people, and that they can hurt you or cause you a problem very easily.

Because your protection is quite weak, and you need to dedicate yourself more to increasing your protection, avoiding being too open with people.

Vulnerability in the spirit world

Another meaning of this dream is linked to the spiritual world, which can represent that you can easily suffer and be harmed by a spiritual attack.

Spiritual attacks can be made by people who do some kind of macumba or by people who have died and try to curse you in your life.

To protect yourself from this kind of situation, you need to increase your spiritual protection through prayer and increasing your faith.


We must always avoid that our feelings can be targets of evil people, not allowing us to be easily manipulated.

To fix the broken door in your dream, you may need to further increase your protection through strong faith protection prayers.

We have reached the end of this article and we hope that you have understood and enjoyed knowing and knowing the meaning of dreaming about a broken door.

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