Dreaming of one person killing another

After a busy day, what we want is to lie in bed, close our eyes to rest, and suddenly we see ourselves dreaming of one person killing another. Here comes the scare, the fear of what this dream could mean!

Dreams linked to death or violence are disturbing because they generate a certain fear in us of being hurt or that people close to us will be hurt.

And death is something that nobody wishes for themselves or their neighbor, to know what this dream means you just have to keep reading.

Dreaming of one person killing another

Dreaming of a person killing another, it means you have resentment or disagreement with someone. 

Unfortunately, this is not a sign of something good, as normally a person killing another is an omen that warns of something negative to come in your life.

In such a dream, your subconscious mind informs you about negative feelings that you urgently need to appease.

To do this, you need to identify the person you feel resentful of or with whom you have a disagreement so that you can sit down together and resolve differences. If this is not done, they can cause greater damage.

This person does not necessarily have to be the one who appears in your dream, but anyone who is in your group of friends or family.

When you have this dream, you must find a way to connect more with those people who currently don't talk to you much.


The advice for those who have this dream is to find someone to talk to and empty your heart of all that resentment.

If possible, find the same person you have these feelings with so that you can reconcile with them too.

And in this way get away from all the bad things that are to come and continue your peaceful life.

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