Dream about a person you've never seen in person

It's normal to dream about different things, strange things, but it also happens many times that we dream about people we don't know and we don't even know if they exist in the real world.

Unknown people in dreams represent people we actually know, but they appear hidden in our minds. dreams, so that we can unravel their identity.

The omen of this dream cannot be considered negative and it cannot be considered positive either, it will depend on your analogy.

Dream about a person you've never seen in person

Dreaming of a person you have never seen in person means that someone or a relative close to you needs your help or has something to tell you, and you must find out who that person is.

It could be a friend, family member, colleague, anyone close to you could be the strange person in your dream. Your spirituality is trying to bring the message to you.

But she is not able to show exactly who is the person who wants to communicate with you.

It may be that the person has something to say to you, or that the person needs help with something, such as money, a favor.

Try to look around you at people who may need your help to find the person hidden in this dream.

Dreaming talking to someone you've never seen in person

Dreaming of talking to someone we have never seen in person means that someone close to us has something to tell us.

This stranger in the dream brings a message from a person we know, who wants to tell us something, or who wants to vent to us.

Try to remember everything the person said to you, to see if there isn't a person who could have a connection with the subject of the dream.

Dream fighting with the person

If the dream involves a fight, it means that someone close to you will soon cause problems for you.

This dream serves as an alert to keep an eye on the people with whom we relate.

The hidden person in this dream is representing the person who will cause us problems, whether personal or related to other people.

Dream kissing this person

Dreaming of kissing someone you have never seen in person means that you are giving confidence to people you still don't know enough about.

This dream comes to warn you about not trusting people you don't know well, as imagine kissing someone you don't know.

Clearly that's a weird thing to do, so trusting people we barely know is also weird and wrong.

Dreaming of being attacked by that person

This dream means that someone close to you is conspiring against you. That is, someone around you wants your harm.

This dream is a warning about dangerous people trying to harm us. Try to find out who is the person close to you who might want to do you harm.

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