Dream about a funeral for someone who has died

There are dreams that can make us think endlessly, such as dreaming about the wake of someone who has already died.

This is a very controversial dream, but it has a very important message related to our lives.

Continue reading this article to find the true meaning of this dream that seems to make no sense but will surprise you.

Dream about a funeral for someone who has died

Let's start by saying that this is a negative dream, or we can say that it is a dream that carries a negative message.

Negative comma dreams are those in which their message or their meaning represents something negative for the person's life.

dream about funeral who already died it means that you are clinging to things that have died or there are things that no longer make sense in your life.

That is, this dream carries the message that we are attached to things that we should have gotten rid of.

After a certain period, we have to clean up our life, to discard everything that is no longer part of our life.

The same happens when we have a ton of contact information from people we haven't talked to in a while.

With that we will be carrying unnecessary baggage in our lives. This dream represents almost the same thing.

Dreaming of a wake for someone who has already died, referring to situations or people who need to be removed from our lives, because they have already “died”, even if they are still alive.

It may be the case that you are attached to a relationship that has died, and only you haven't realized it yet.

Another example may be that you are clinging to friendships that no longer make sense in your life, that is, you are trying to keep a dead friendship.

There are other possibilities of things that may be being represented in this dream. But that always indicate that these things are dead or that they no longer make sense.


This dream can be quite strange or confusing for the dreamer, its message is exactly this.

Renewal is something very important for us to do a spiritual cleansing in our lives. Nothing new will come if you keep the old remains.

After having this dream, start reflecting on everything that must be taken away from your life. That is, everything that no longer makes sense in your life.

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